To. AM (For You) lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Over The Destiny
  2. play_circle_outline Days Like Today
  3. play_circle_outline Hope
  4. play_circle_outline Saying I Love You
  5. play_circle_outline Only You
  6. To An Angel
  7. play_circle_outline You’re Prettier The More I See You
  8. play_circle_outline Regret
  9. play_circle_outline Just Stay
  10. play_circle_outline Coming To Me
  11. play_circle_outline Forgetting You
  12. play_circle_outline Back Then
  13. play_circle_outline Sunshine
  14. play_circle_outline Consolation
  15. play_circle_outline Reading You
  16. play_circle_outline One Spring Day
  17. play_circle_outline I Love You, I Love You (사랑해 사랑해)
  18. play_circle_outline Back Then (그때)
  19. play_circle_outline To An Angel (천사에게)
  20. play_circle_outline To Break Up Well (잘 이별하기)
  21. play_circle_outline You Walking Toward Me (걸어온다)
  22. play_circle_outline Forgetting You (그대를 잊고)
  23. play_circle_outline Consolation (위로)
  24. play_circle_outline All Right
  25. play_circle_outline To. AM (For You)
  26. play_circle_outline Regret (후회할거야)
  27. play_circle_outline I Know
  28. play_circle_outline Realized (실감)
  29. play_circle_outline Over The Destiny (나타나 주라)
  30. play_circle_outline You’re Prettier The More I See You (볼수록 예뻐)
  31. play_circle_outline I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me (너도 나처럼)
  32. play_circle_outline Love Actually (내 사랑은 말야)
  33. play_circle_outline Just Stay (그냥 있어줘)
  34. play_circle_outline Reading You (너를 읽어보다)
  35. play_circle_outline Just One More Second (1초만 더)
  36. play_circle_outline Happy End (해피엔드)
  37. play_circle_outline You Were Mine (내꺼였는데)
  38. play_circle_outline Lalala (라라라)
  39. Only You (너뿐이야)
  40. play_circle_outline Days Like Today (오늘따라)
  41. play_circle_outline Words I Couldn’t Say (말하지 못한 말)
  42. play_circle_outline Day of Break Up (이별 그 날)
  43. play_circle_outline On A Good Day Like This (이렇게 좋은 날에)
  44. play_circle_outline Coming To Me (내게로 온다)
  45. play_circle_outline One Spring Day (어느 봄날)
  46. play_circle_outline Forget All the Memories (추억 다 지워)
  47. play_circle_outline Preparation (준비)


To. AM (For You)

Time to listen to this song
So that the times, preparing for you
And this heart can reach you
I will begin again
I waited a long time
Would you hold my hand?
For you, who waited
I’ll sing this song
I will always stay here for you

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To. AM (For You)


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