What’s My Name? lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Show Me
  2. play_circle_outline Stand Out
  3. play_circle_outline Tickle Tickle Tickle
  4. play_circle_outline Cut It Out
  5. play_circle_outline Crazy
  6. play_circle_outline Thank You :)
  7. play_circle_outline Come In
  8. play_circle_outline I’ll Tell You
  9. play_circle_outline Wait A Minute
  10. play_circle_outline Whatcha Doin’ Today
  11. play_circle_outline Only Gained Weight
  12. play_circle_outline Is It Poppin’?
  13. play_circle_outline Domino
  14. play_circle_outline Gimme That
  15. play_circle_outline Whatever
  16. play_circle_outline What’s My Name?
  17. play_circle_outline What’s Your Name?
  18. play_circle_outline Welcome To The School
  19. play_circle_outline Over and Over
  20. play_circle_outline Love Tension
  21. play_circle_outline Thank You : ) (고마워)
  22. play_circle_outline Come (들어와)
  23. play_circle_outline I’m OK
  24. play_circle_outline I’ll Show You / I’ll Tell You (알려 줄게)
  25. play_circle_outline Only Gained Weight (살만찌고)
  26. Say My Name
  27. play_circle_outline ShowMe
  28. Femme Fatale
  29. play_circle_outline Whatcha Doin’ Today (오늘 뭐해)
  30. play_circle_outline Is It Poppin’? (물좋아?)
  31. play_circle_outline Only You (Love For Ten – Generation of Youth OST)
  32. play_circle_outline Cold Rain (추운 비)
  33. play_circle_outline Volume Up
  34. play_circle_outline Stand Out (눈에 띄네)
  35. play_circle_outline Crazy (미쳐)
  36. play_circle_outline Dream Racer
  37. play_circle_outline Heart To Heart
  38. play_circle_outline Freestyle
  39. play_circle_outline Mirror Mirror (거울아 거울아)
  40. play_circle_outline Cut It Out (1절만 하시죠)
  41. play_circle_outline Welcome To The School (School 2013 OST)
  42. play_circle_outline Get On The Floor
  43. Black Cat
  44. play_circle_outline Tickle Tickle Tickle (간지럽혀)


What’s My Name?


Yeah 4minute what’s my name?
Attention plz modu nareul follow

Eojjeom geuri maeil maeil siksanghani bang bang
Da sikkeureopgo jipjunghae jwo naega nugu
Nega mworeul wonhadeun museun sangsangeul hadeun
Geu isangui kwillitireul boyeojulge never know?

Ajikdo moreuni uriga nugunji
Yeojikkeot boyeojwotdeon urimanui style
Nugudo neombol su eomneun geol woo

4minute what’s my name?
Sijakdwaesseo dasi boyeojulge
4minute what’s my name?
Uriga nugunji neodo alji

Saeropge taeeona mwonga dareun uri 4minute show time

4minute what’s my name?
What’s my name? What what what’s my name?
4minute what’s my name?
What’s my name? What’s my name?

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What’s My Name?


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    Yeah 4minute
    What’s my name?
    Attention please
    Everyone follow me

    How can I be so fed up every day, bang bang
    Everyone be quiet and concentrate; who am I
    Whatever you want, whatever you imagine
    I’ll show you more than that with quality, never know

    Do you still not know who we are
    What we’ve shown you til now, our own style
    No one can covet us, woo

    4minute what’s my name?
    We’re ready, we’ll show you again
    4minute what’s my name?
    You know who we are too

    We’re born again newly; something’s a little different
    We’re 4minute, show time

    4minute what’s my name?
    What’s my name? What what what’s my name?
    4minute what’s my name?
    What’s my name? What’s my name?