Cat (고양이) lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Remember
  2. play_circle_outline Promise U
  3. play_circle_outline Love Like A Fairytale
  4. play_circle_outline Not An Angel
  5. play_circle_outline Secret
  6. play_circle_outline Wanna Be
  7. play_circle_outline LUV
  8. play_circle_outline My Darling
  9. play_circle_outline So Long
  10. play_circle_outline Fairytale Love
  11. play_circle_outline Crystal
  12. play_circle_outline Sunday Monday
  13. play_circle_outline Mr. Chu
  14. play_circle_outline Good Morning Baby
  15. Secret Garden
  16. play_circle_outline I Need You
  17. play_circle_outline Lovely Day
  18. U You
  19. play_circle_outline NoNoNo
  20. play_circle_outline 5 My Baby
  21. play_circle_outline BOY
  22. play_circle_outline I DO
  23. play_circle_outline My My
  24. play_circle_outline Fairytale Love (사랑동화)
  25. play_circle_outline Petal (꽃잎점)
  26. play_circle_outline Sky High (하늘 높이)
  27. play_circle_outline Dejavu
  28. play_circle_outline 5 Ma Baby
  29. play_circle_outline Yeah
  30. play_circle_outline Like A Dream (꿈결처럼)
  31. play_circle_outline LOVE DAY
  32. I Need You (난 니가 필요해)
  33. play_circle_outline Cat (고양이)
  34. play_circle_outline What A Boy Wants
  35. play_circle_outline Promise U (새끼손가락)
  36. play_circle_outline April 19th (4월 19일)
  37. play_circle_outline STEP
  38. play_circle_outline I GOT YOU
  39. play_circle_outline Skinny Baby
  40. play_circle_outline Perfume
  41. HUSH
  42. play_circle_outline No No No
  43. play_circle_outline Prince
  44. play_circle_outline He’s My Baby
  45. play_circle_outline Fairy Tale Love (동화 같은 사랑)
  46. play_circle_outline It’s You (그대라구요) Three Days OST
  47. play_circle_outline A Wonderful Love (신기하죠)
  48. play_circle_outline BUBIBU
  49. play_circle_outline Attracted To U (끌려)
  50. play_circle_outline もっとGO!GO!
  51. I’m in Love

A Pink

Cat (고양이)

Slightly, slightly, aigoo
Slightly, slightly, slighty
Slightly, slightly, aigoo
Slightly, aigoo

I’m a ribbon cat, try to catch me
(It must be a bit fun, oh like, it must be so exciting)
I want to follow you around, I want to go wherever
(You’re a caught Jerry, I’m Tom, who will catch you, go)

Bubibubibububu, I feel good
You already know that I like you

* My eyes sparkle, filled with curiousity
I want to get to know you
I don’t know anything, please teach me
I want to know everything

** I’m so, I’m so, ah willing to pick the stars and moon from the sky oh
Come to me as your hot self, so I can get more of a rush

*** I want to fly high ah, to hide and look at you
Look at you without you knowing, without you knowing eh
What to do with myself, I like you so much
What to do, la la la la la la la

Slightly, slightly, aigoo
Slightly, aigoo

Bubibubibububu, on this feel good day
You already know everything, I love you

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

I look at you, looking at me but I’ll go to you just once
I’ll put on a pretty ribbon and show you
I will slightly, slightly wink at you

** Repeat

Secretly, secretly oh, slowly come
I might go into hiding oh
What to do with myself, I like you so much
What to do, la la la la la la la

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Cat (고양이)
A Pink


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