One Week (일주일) lyrics

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After School

One Week (일주일)

3rd project After School
And Brave Sound
It’s been a long time we back together again
With a fresh track for y’all
For all ya
And it goes little something like this
Let’s go

Monday, we broke up today
Tuesday, one day feels like one year
Wednesday, you’re not calling
Thursday, I’m getting a little nervous

(How are you doing) after you left me?
(Are you happy?) It’s heartbreaking
(Are you leaving?) Come back to me
I can’t see you anymore

A week has passed but you don’t call
A week has passed but you’re not answering
A week has passed but I don’t hear anything
Have you forgotten me? Or did you erase me? Goodbye

A week, a week has passed

Friday has passed, the weekend is here
I put my hopes up and keep staring at the phone
Thinking, what if? with a trembling heart
I wait but (the call never came)

I live because I can’t die, again today
Like a fool, like a loser
Can’t we go back?
I love you, I love you, don’t forget me

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One Week (일주일)
After School


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