Wrist Watch (손목시계) lyrics

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After School

Wrist Watch (손목시계)

On a sleepless night, coincidentally
I open the worn out drawer and in a corner is a faded wrist watch
In the stopped time, the precious memories flicker

The small boy who gave me this pink watch
As he scratched his head
Where is he? Where is he living?

* Did he grow taller? Would he remember my name?
He was a boy with little words
I missing you – would he have a girlfriend?
Just the thought of it makes me smile
I really miss you, my friend

It was a rainy day
I was walking in the rain
He shyly gave me a white, vinyl umbrella
As if he was running away, he ran off
Where is that boy?

* Repeat

Maybe, without knowing
I passed him by, I think
But no, it can’t be, that would never happen
I remember the face of my friend whom I miss

Where is he?
Should I call out his name?
If I call out in a big voice, will he hear?
I missing you
Does he think of me?
Just the thought of it makes me smile
I really miss you, my friend
I’ll be missing you, you’re my friend


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Wrist Watch (손목시계)
After School


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