Let’s Forget (잊자..) Three Days OST lyrics

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Let’s Forget (잊자..) Three Days OST

Yo after walking for a while, rain suddenly falls
I endlessly walk by myself, without an umbrella, without lingering feelings

You and I, were we living in memories?
Wasn’t it just a momentary dream?
The rain and our goodbye resemble each other so much

I keep remembering you

Let’s forget, let’s forget, let’s forget those lingering feelings
It’ll all get erased in time anyway

Let’s forget, forget about those lingering feelings
Let’s forget it all, but even so, no way

The rain drops are falling (on me)
You get faint baby (please don’t let you go)

When this rain stops, I’ll erase you (I’ll erase you)

Just leave (leave me)
Don’t look back baby (oh baby love)

As I’m getting rained on, see you love

Yo, tick tock, time passes just fine
Drip drop, tears flow once again

Knock knock, memories knock on my heart
Drip drip, the rain doesn’t know how to stop

I gave all of me and the ony thing that remains is the outer layer
Felt that I was alive for the first time in my life

My love that goes toward you till my heart burns
The bigger it gets, the more I get worried in the corner of my heart

What do I do if you leave me?
I’m already tamed to you
If only I have you in my life
I don’t need anything else
But why are you breaking up with me?
I can’t believe it

I can only laugh, what can I do? Can’t believe

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Let’s Forget (잊자..) Three Days OST


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