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10cm (십센치) is a South Korean indie band. The band has two male members, Kwon Jung Yeol and Yoon Cheol Jong.

Band name: 10cm (십센치 )
Company: Magic Strawberry sound
Debut date: 2010
Debut album: '10cm'
Genres: Acoustic folk


Kwon Jeong Yeol

Birth name: Kwon Jeong Yeol (권정열 )
Birthday: March 1, 1983
Height: 171cm
Education: Yonsei University, Department of education
Position: Main vocalist

Yoon Cheol Jong

Birth name: Yoon Cheol Jong (윤철종)
Birth year: April 23, 1982
Height: 181cm
Position: guitar, vocal
Twitter: http://twitter.com/yooncjoy

- In 2004, he debuted with 1st album ' Virus '

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