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8utterfly is an artist who went up to 3rd in the Recochoku General Chart while the representative song "Hope, Nega ..." was completely unnamed & non-tied up.

She stepped forward in that way and eventually she passed the "crying song" before it was called "Queen of Sickness".

She is from Hakata, Kyushu. Influenced by her father who was a musician, she enjoyed music since she was little. After coming to Tokyo, she was active as Koyumi in the club scene. She won the first prize at “STARZ AUDITION 2008” by Avex. Her single, released in 2009 was ranked No 6. at iTune Japan and R& B chart. It was considered a splendid achievement as an unknown artist at that time. People said that the song gave a deep sigh of love sickness. In 2011, 2 songs were ranked No.1 on Recichoku Song Daily Ranking before being released on CD. 1st Album “ Diary” which includes the song; “Tomodachi Dakara Ima Ha Mada feat.WISE” and “Tabidachi links WASTE -onnahen-“ are now on sale.

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