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Apink (에이핑크, A Pink) is a South Korean girl group formed by Plan A Entertainment in 2011. They debuted in Japan in 2014 under EMI Music Japan.


  • Park Cho Rong (Leader, Lead Vocals, Main Rapper)
  • Yoon Bo Mi (Main Dancer, Lead Vocals)
  • Jeong Eun Ji (Main Vocals)
  • Son Na Eun (Lead Dancer, Vocals, Visual)
  • Kim Nam Joo (Lead Vocals, Lead Rapper)
  • Oh Ha Young (Vocals, Rapper, Maknae)
  • Hong Yoo Kyung (Main Rapper, Vocals) (Former Members)

Park Cho Rong

Name: Park Cho Rong (박초롱)
Birthdate: March 3, 1991
Birthplace: Chungwongoon, North Chungcheong
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Specialty: Hapkido
Education: Chungbuk High School
Agency: A Cube Entertainment

Yoon Bo Mi

Name: Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미)
Birthdate: August 13, 1993
Birthplace: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do
Height: 163cm
Weight: 50kg
Specialty: Dancing
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)
Agency: A Cube Entertainment

Jeong Eun Ji

Name: Jeong Eun Ji (정은지)
Birthday: August 18, 1993 
Birthplace: Busan, Gyeongsang-do, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Weight: 48kg
Specialty: Piano
Education: Hyehwa Girls' High School
Agency: A Cube Entertainment

Son Na Eun

Name: Son Na Eun (손나은)
Birthdate: February 10, 1994
Height: 164cm
Weight: 46kg
Specialty: Acting
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)
Dongguk University (Theatre and Film)
Agency: A Cube Entertainment

Kim Nam Joo

Name: Kim Nam Joo (김남주)
Birthdate: April 15, 1995 
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Specialty: Korean
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) 
Sungkyunkwan University (Acting)
Agency: A Cube Entertainment

Oh Ha Young

Name: Oh Ha Young (오하영)
Birthdate: July 19, 1996 
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 51kg
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) 
Agency: A Cube Entertainment

Hong Yoo Kyung

Name: Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경)
Birthdate: September 22, 1994
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Specialty: Piano, English
School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)
Chung-Ang University
Agency: A Cube Entertainment (2011-2013)

A Pink albums

A Pink songs

  • Always

    너의 눈빛 속에 보석처럼 숨겨둔 그 이야길 내게 들려줘 어둠이 내려와 꿈조차 잠이 든 밤 더욱 빛나는 별빛 같은 말 세상에 소리쳐봐
  • ぱぴぷぺPON!

    テレパシー送ります ラブリーボーイ 「こっち見て!」 私の気持ち Myフェアリー運んでね
  • Bye Bye

    春の強い風にあおられても 胸の中の想いが飛ばされないように 首に巻いた赤いスカーフを結び直した もう泣かない
  • IT’S YOU (그 봄날, 이 가을)

    오늘 햇살이 참 좋아 스쳐가는 바람도 시원해 so nice 요즘 시간이 참 빨라 너와 함께 있는 시간들이 우리 첨 만난 날이 어제 같아 매일매일이 내게 새롭기만 해 이 가을이 지나면 추운 겨울도 다 지나간 후엔 다시 또
  • HEAVEN (잃어버린 조각)

    Woo, yeah Heaven, heaven, You’re my heaven 오늘도 난 눈을 감아 너와 함께 꿈을 꾸었던 그 시간들 속에 난 여전히
  • CLICHÉ (흔한 일)

    여전히 난 아직도 가끔은 네 생각나 눈을 감으면 추억에 빠져 아직도 날 설레게 해 그게 다야 그게 다일 뿐이야 넌 내게 그 이상은 아냐 가끔 날 웃게 하는 추억일 뿐 더는 내게 아냐
  • Amai Koiwoshiyoyo (甘い恋をしようよ)

    カレンダー クローバーの印 あなたに会えたMy Happy Day 昨日は 「おはよう」って言えた あたしにしては上出来 進みたくて 進めなくて 好きって叫びたいsunset(sunset) 誰といても 夢の中も あなたで満たされていくの
  • If I….

    Darling幸せだよ 君となら 毎日 わかっているよ 君じゃなきゃ うまくいかない Uh my 沢山の可能性が 重なってできた奇跡 どれかが欠けても きっとダメで イメージすると 恐い Uh babe 例えば (If I….) あの場所へ (If I….)
  • Fanfare! (ファンファーレ!)

    Uh, You’re my, future cha-cha-cha 雨降る 交差点で あの日 涙して たまに 思い出すと痛む胸 心の痛みに 慣れる ことはない 雨の中で気付いた
  • Shining Star

    Shining Star Oh Oh Baby Shining Star Yes, You Are… 予報通りの雪で 寒くなった今夜 来週は二人 記念の日だね (You’re My Shining Star) あれからもう どれくらいだろう すれ違ったり 泣いた夜もあるけど
  • IT GIRL (Japanese Ver.)

    I wanna be that girl who can be with you forever so tell me will you be my boyfriend つまりこういうことよ 簡単に言うなら キミに決めた そう決めた 信じられないかもね 夢だと思うかもね キミに決めた だけど決めたのよ
  • My First Love

    気の早いイルミネーション 街に流れるWinter song(On & On) いつもならアセるタイミング でも今年はちょっと違う
  • NoNoNo (Ballad Ver.)

    내가 힘이 들 때 내게 다가온 그대 살며시 내게로 와 입 맞춰 준 그대 마치 마법처럼 날 감싸준 정말 이런 기분 처음이야 um
  • Miss U

    달콤하게 날 깨운 네 목소리 코 끝에 맺힌 너의 향기 슬프도록 아름답던 그 미소 (너의 미소) 그대 품에 안겨 행복했었던 그때 이제는 지나간 내 슬픈 얘기인 걸
  • Cause you’re my star (별의 별)

    Cause you’re my star 내 편이 돼줘 You’re my star 내 곁에 있어줘 나의 별이 되어줘
  • Attracted To U (끌려)

    Attracted to U I’m Fall In Love Yeah (I’ve Fancied Her For A Long Time) (I’m) So Deep In Love Uh I’m attracted to you (You!) x 2 (Ay Baby Let Me Talk To

    pop!gasa’s note:  It seems like “BuBiBu” means “to rub” or “to brush against.” Dear boy, you’re my angelLet me show you a better day How do I look
  • A Wonderful Love (신기하죠)

    After a long time, you came to me You came to me without a sound It’s like time has stopped when I see you Without knowing, I keep looking at you I’m feeling
  • It’s You (그대라구요) Three Days OST

    Though my heart aches, it’s you The precious love in my earnest heart Because my heart hurts, because tears are falling Like a wilted flower in the wind Like the
  • Fairy Tale Love (동화 같은 사랑)

    When things are so hard, when I can’t lean on anyone I’m just getting older, the world is changing and I’m getting more and more indifferent My childhood wish
  • He’s My Baby

    Wherever I go, in my eyes, I only see youEven if I see a little bit, I can knowHow are you so likeable to me?I don’t want any other love but you Little by little,
  • Prince

    Thousands of times every day, we fight and make upYou turn my heart with unbelievable excusesIf this is how it is, I’d rather just end it If I keep getting attached,
  • No No No

    Don’t be sad no no no, you’re not alone no no no You always became a light for me Hold my hand, come and lean on me I’ll always be your strength You came
  • HUSH

    Hush Hush Hush HushHush Hush Hush Hush I keep thinking of you and it’s so nervewrecking and heart flutteringIt’s the first time I’m feeling like thisIt’s
  • Perfume

    Softly, carefully, sometimes boldly, I wanna go to you like a runway A bit strongly, sometimes it’s okay to be a bit cocky Sweetly, softly, you’ll get addicted
  • Skinny Baby

    Yeah ya know how we do it Skinny skinny Oh Oh let’s rock itSkinny skinny Oh Oh let’s rock itSkinny skinny Oh Oh let’s rock itThis is how we rockThis is why

    This is quite uncomfortableLike a new pair of shoesWhy do you flicker before my eyes? (I I I got you)More than the drama that I always watchI miss you (I I I I
  • STEP

    1, 2 Step, Step, Step1, 2 Step, Step, Step At the dazzling sunlight, my heart keeps thumpingTen times, no twenty times a day, I keep thinking of youI wonder if
  • April 19th (4월 19일)

    Your warm heart is enough, that’s all I need
  • Promise U (새끼손가락)

    When I close my eyes and open them, you’re far away If I close my eyes and open them again, I can’t see you I’m drawing you out again And my day is getting
  • What A Boy Wants

    baby baby cause i’m your girl YEAH YEAH YEAH Since my heart is weak, since I’m upset In case you were worried, I glanced at you But what are you doing? My eyes
  • Cat (고양이)

    Slightly, slightly, aigooSlightly, slightly, slightySlightly, slightly, aigooSlightly, aigoo I’m a ribbon cat, try to catch me(It must be a bit fun, oh like,
  • I Need You (난 니가 필요해)

    You don’t know No one else knows, how I pretend to be pretty I don’t smile anywhere else, for real I pretend to be firm, when I’m alone, I pretend to be strong Sometimes,

    I’m very curious, I’m curious about everythingWhy can’t I go to sleep and can only see your face?I’m curious too, I’m curious about this heartWhy is it
  • Like A Dream (꿈결처럼)

    I hope everything is a dream, I hope everything is a lieDon’t tell me that you’re sorry, don’t tell me to be well (I know) that you won’t ever return(Though
  • Yeah

    Whenever I think about you, I feel happy.Oh Oh Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah YeahOh Oh Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I keep, keep thinking of only youWhat’s wrong with
  • 5 Ma Baby

    So BEAST A Pink Oh ma baby oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Yeah the second collaboration Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh You know what time it is? You have finally
  • Dejavu

    Will you think I’m weird for saying this? What if you think of me as that kind of girl? Oh my boy When I saw you by chance I had this mysterious fluttering feeling You
  • Sky High (하늘 높이)

    Even if I run out of breath, I want to keep goingI know I can’t stop but I want to do it * Don’t lose strength and hold my handIt’s the beginning now, take
  • Petal (꽃잎점)

    What should I do? I’m curious Do you know my heart? No, you still don’t You’re just smiling again, stop that It may not seem like it but I’m really nervous What
  • Fairytale Love (사랑동화)

    From the beautiful fairy tales from my childhood The love that I learned for the first time was all about the fluttering feelings I thought that kind of love would
  • My My

    MY MY MY You’re MY I want to call your name I want to come to you one step at a time
  • I DO

    I think I like you a lot more than you like me More than I like myself so please care for me and love me even more Like a fool, like a child, I keep wanting to check Baby,
  • BOY

    I fell for you from the moment I first saw youMy “feel” was so crazily into youSo I tried to avoid you because you are so hotThough I knew that you and I weren’t
  • 5 My Baby

    Romanized So BEAST A Pink Oh my baby Yeah second collaboration You know what time it is Ije yeoneun ite ne neoye moseul Kamchuryo he do tigana oh baby My loneun
  • NoNoNo

    Romanized Seulpeohajima no no no honjaga anya no no no Eonjenanana naege hangsang bichi dwae jun geudae Nae soneul jabayo ije jigeum dagawa gidae Eonjena himi dwae
  • U You

    Romanized Nae sarangeun U U Neoman bomyeon jakku tteollyeowa Nae jeonbuneun U U Nae nunen neobakke an boyeo Kkumsogedo U U U (baby my love) Maeilmaeil U U U (i just
  • Lovely Day

    Romanized Wae wae eonje buteo niga Joheun jineun nan jal molla molla Daeche wae wae eonje buteo Niga joheunji nan jal molla Geunyang neukkimi joha Geunyang ireohge Geunyang
  • I Need You

    Romanized Geudaeneun moreujyo Ttan sarameun molla ippeun cheok Oo ttandeseon an useoyo jeongmal Nareumeun gutsen cheok honjaseo himsen cheok Ttaeroneun neomu himdeureo Hajiman
  • Secret Garden

    Romanized Kokkeuchi ganjireowo ne gyeoteman isseumyeon Nuni gamgyeowa nareunhaejyeowa jami deulgeotman gata Salmyeosi neol anabolkka jyaseuminhyangi gadeukhan Dugeungeorineun
  • Good Morning Baby

    Romanized Han sungane ppajyeobeorindaneun geu mareul mideoyo Bunmyeonghi unmyeong gateun sarang iyagi Haruga neomu meolda hago geuripda malhago sipeun Neoege ppajyeonnabwa
  • Mr. Chu

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Hayoung] Hanbeon bomyeon du beon deo bogo sipeo Dubeon sebeon bomyeon neoreul deo ango sipeo[Naeun] Neowa keopeulling keopeulling
  • Sunday Monday

    Romanized Eojedo oneuldo bogo tto bwado jakku bogo sipeo Naeildo ttokgatae iljuil naenae neoman saenggakhane Musimko dallyeogeul neomgyeo seeobwasseo Uri sigandeul
  • Crystal

    Romanized Umm~ uh~woo~ yeah~ Oh love of my life i wanna wake you up Shine a light nuga mworaedo neon like star Neomu nuni busijanha Garyeojin sairo sinbiroun shine
  • Fairytale Love

    Romanized Eoril jeok bodeon yeppeun donghwa sok yaegi Cheoeumeuro baeun sarangiraneun geon manyang seolleeotjyo Naegedo geureon sarangi chajawa jul geotman gatatjyo Need
  • So Long

    Romanized Gieongnani geuttae jakgo eoryeosseotdeon Neowa na do you remember Hangsang hamkkeyeotji uril saemnaedeon manheun chingudeul Do you remember Jageun son
  • My Darling

    (Bomi and Namjoo) Romanized Don’t rush Take it slow baby Just get to know me You know that it’s Brave sound come on Uri saranghanji beolsseo myeot nyeoni jinanneunji
  • LUV

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Eunji] Gieokhanayo uri hamkke haetdeon sigan L.O.V.E (LUV) Seolleinayo han ttaen modeun geosieotdeon L.O.V.E (LUV)[Bomi] Ijeneun
  • Wanna Be

    Romanized I wanna be love love for you I wanna be love love for you Naneun maeil bam changgae anja (Be my baby my love) Naneun maeil bam du nuneul gamgo (Be my baby
  • Secret

    Romanized Oneureun jamsiman nae yaegireul deureojwo Geudongan amudo mollatdeon bimireul (Malhalge) saranghae saranghae Deulliji annneun moksori sorichyeobwa Ipsure
  • Not An Angel

    Romanized Ttuttu ttuduttu ttuttu Ttuduttu ttuttu ttuduttu ye Ttuttu ttuduttu ttuttu Ttuduttu ttuttu tturuttu Haneureseo naeryeowatdago Jakku malhaji mayo sokdo
  • Love Like A Fairytale

    Romanized Naega neomu himdeul ttae nuguegedo gidael su eobseul ttae Nan deo naireul meokgo sesangeun byeonhago jakku mudeomdeomhaejyeoseo Eoril jeok naui sowoneun
  • Promise U

    Romanized Nuneul gamassda tteumyeon meoreojyeoissgo Dasi gamassda tteumyeon boijil anha Oneuldo neoreul geurida Tto haruga gireojyeo Ijen eodiseo bol su issni Nan
  • Remember

    Romanized Do you remember uril bichudeon taeyang Neolpgo pureun bada machi eojecheoreom Sigani meomchwobeorin gieok geu soge Hayan morae wireul hamkke geotdeon nal