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Akdong Musician (AKMU) is a South Korean duo who participated on K-pop Star 2 in 2012 and debuted under YG Entertainment in 2014 after they won the second installment of the K-pop Star series. The duo consists of siblings Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun.


  • Lee Chan Hyuk (Composer, Guitar, Vocals)
  • Lee Soo Hyun (Vocals, Percussion)

Lee Chan Hyuk

Stage Name: Chan Hyuk (찬혁)
Birth Name: Lee Chan Hyuk (이찬혁)
Birthdate: September 12, 1996

Lee Soo Hyun

Stage Name: Soo Hyun, Suhyun (수현)
Birth Name: Lee Soo Hyun (이수현)
Birthdate: May 4, 1999
Height: 158cm
Weight: 53kg

Akdong Musician albums

Akdong Musician songs

  • Will Last Forever (그때 그 아이들은)

    지친 꿈을 이끌고 계속 걷다 보니 첫발을 함께 떼어 달려왔던 친구들이 곁에 없다는 걸 어느 순간 깨닫게 되지
  • Way Back Home (집에 돌아오는 길)

    버스 기사 아저씨의 무심한 초점 끝이 막막한 계단은 땅을 보며 걸어 꽉 막힌 도로 뚫릴 때까지 하늘색을 보며 점쳐 후회하는 내 맘 감추기 위해 석양은 붉어져
  • PLAY UGLY (못생긴 척)

    허구한 날 놀려 못생겼다고 이젠 웬만한 상처도 안 나 (아니 상처가 안 나아)
  • LIVE (생방송)

    내가 태어났을 때부터 캠코더로 찍어줘 탯줄이 잘리는 순간을 놓치지 마

    시간은 꽤나 많이 지나간 것 같은데 나는 아직 이런 상황에선 표정관리가 안 돼 모두들 아무 일 없었다는 듯 웃고 있어 나는 아직은 이런 분위기에 혼자 적응이 안 돼

    걸어들어오는 모습부터가 심상치 않아 Oh wait 카운터로 오는 걸음걸이 역시 심상치 않아
  • REALITY (리얼리티)

    지갑아 나 택시 타고 가도 됨 내릴 땐 삑 소리 나게 교통 카드 대 기사 아저씨의 목소리는 안 따뜻해도 히터 틀어주면 따뜻해 내부가 따뜻해 히터 틀어주면 따뜻해 내부가 따뜻해
  • Goodbye Sun, Goodbye Moon

    Goodbye white sun, thank you fair moon Coming to an end of a year, past twelve months The dazzling December has come Goodbye sun, goodbye moon On this coming Christmas The
  • Mmmbop (Original by Hanson)

    You have so many relationships in this life Only one or two will last You go through all the pain and strife Then you’re gone so fast Ooh yeah, they’re gone
  • Bean Dduk Bing Soo (콩떡빙수) Paris Baguette CM Song

    Note: This is a CM song for Paris Baguette’s new “bean rice cake bingsu.” “Bing soo” or “patbingsu” is a popular shaved ice dessert in Korea. It is
  • Confessions of a Foreigner (외국인의 고백)

    You are good, you are great You are amazing, marvellous, excellent awesome You are fantastic, you are elegant You are astonishing, gorgeous, fascinating, lovesome When
  • Little Star (작은별)

    At night when you hear a girl’s prayer from somewhere It’ll be the sleeptalk of a small star At night when you hear a boy’s love confession It’ll be the
  • Crescendo

    * So that everyone can recognize me So that they can understand me – Crescendo Crescendo, one, two My voice is getting buried, my breathing is getting louder My
  • Don’t Hate Me (안녕)

    Hello, I know you But you don’t know me We haven’t talked for all this time I just looked at you hanging out from far away Should I approach you or not? Should
  • Officially Missing You (K-Pop Star 2)

    Hi, how have you been We’ve done this together But I’m here you are there We’re officially missing you guys Listen One by one, they left my side And we’ll
  • Melted (얼음들)

    The blue ocean that the red sun used to wash its face turns black The white sky that had clouds and rain and the wind turns gray I leave the darkness that finds
  • Idea (소재)

    My head can’t follow along with my heart these days I’m really motivated but I’m out of ideas Is there anyone who wants to be the subject of my story? Put
  • I’m Different (나는 달라)

    Come on baby Stop hesitating Hurry and come into me Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun I’ll show you a new world I’ll stop the tears in your heart Don’t
  • Anyway (길이나)

    When the same sex meets on the street, there’s a power struggle When the opposite sex meets on the street, they pretend to be chic But then if there’s a person
  • Hair Part (가르마)

    yob open this You can become a different person just by changing hairstyles, it’s amazing Light enters just by opening the curtains, so what’s so amazing about
  • Time and Fallen Leaves (시간과 낙엽)

    I’m walking barefoot through the memories With the fallen leaves I’m letting go of the people I haven’t been able to forget I’m walking barefoot through
  • Don’t Cross Your Legs (다리꼬지마) K-Pop Star 2

    Don’t cross your legs, don’t cross your legs Don’t cross your legs, don’t cross your legs Don’t cross your legs, don’t cross your legs You showed me
  • Artificial Grass (인공잔디)

    I don’t need the sun or water Because I can live fully without those things I don’t need to worry about withering Because I won’t lose my color even if I’m
  • Is It Ramen (라면인건가)

    Again today, I don’t know what I did this morning No, is there even such a thing as “morning” to me? I probably got up at around noon I look at the calendar
  • You Are Attractive (You Have Charm) 매력있어

    You are attractive, I will be falling for you You’re more attractive than seeing chicken in the middle of a diet Sometimes crispy, sometimes hot, you’re filled
  • On The Subway (지하철에서)

    Busy morning and evening rush hour Wearing my school uniform with nothing to do Inside this crowded subway, everyone Starts their day and ends it Busy morning and
  • Passionate Goodbye (Original: Toy – 뜨거운 안녕)

    Turn up the volume a bit more So I can show myself So I can tell everyone about my past stories Dear friend, don’t give up If you want to run all you want Let’s
  • I Love You

    Romanized Jeojeollo nege nuni ga Nega ibeun ot munuiga Nune ttuineun geotdo aninde Onjongil dareun ireul hago inneun jungedo I saram cham gwaenchantan mariya Ne
  • 200%

    Romanized Nareul bwa nareul bwa nareul bwa Nal barabwa barabwa barabwa Neoreul bon nae maeumsoge sarangi Nae bonneungi gobaek ppallihara hae Ne juwireul dulleossan
  • Melted

    Romanized Bulgeun haega sesuhadeon paran bada geomge muldeulgo Gureum bibaram ogadeon hayan haneul hoesaek bitteulgo Mamsoge chajaon eodumeul geudaero dugo Bameul
  • Give Love

    Romanized Niga nal sirheohae haneun geol ara Naneun seounhae geureon nal wae neoneun mot ihaehae You don’t understand nan neoreul johahandago Naega mwol jalmotaenneunde
  • On The Subway

    Romanized Bukjeokbukjeogineun chultoegeun sigan Jeongjang gyobok hal geo eobsi ppaekppaekhan Jihacheol aneseo moduga Harureul sijakhago kkeutnaeji moduga Bukjeokbukjeogineun
  • Parting

    Romanized Yob open this Meoriseutail hanaro dareun sarami doedani jeongmal nollawo Keoteun jom yeoreotdago bichi deureooneunde mwoga nollawo Ige nuguya hetgallyeo Neo
  • Artificial Grass

    Romanized Naegeneun haedo muldo pillyohaji anha Geureon geo eobsido baebureuge sal su isseunikka Naegeneun sideul geokjeong pillyohaji anha Barphigo munggaejyeodo
  • Hi

    Romanized Annyeong naneun neoreul aneunde Neoneun nareul moreuji Geu dongan maldo haji anko maeil Jeo manchiseo eoulligo inneun neohuireul barabogo Dagagalkka malkka
  • Little Star

    Romanized Bam jung eodinga sonyeoui gido soriga deullyeoomyeon Geugeon jageun byeorui jamkkodaeil geoya Bam jung eodinga sonyeonui gobaeksoriga deullyeoomyeon Geugeon
  • Your Own Place

    Romanized Yosae maeummankeum saenggagi an ttarajwo Uiyogeun neomchineunde sojaega da tteoreojyeonneyo Nae iyagiui sojaega doeeo jul bun eomnayo Soneul nopi deulgo
  • How Long

    Romanized Dongseongi gire majuchimyeon gi ssaum Iseongi gire majuchimyeon dodohan cheok Geureodagado nae mameul saro jamneun sarami itda hamyeon Geuraedo dodohan
  • Galaxy

    Romanized Gaelleoksi neo hoksi nawa gachi georeoga bollae Banjjagineun eunha neomeo sonjapgo nawa gachi georeoga bollae Nuga salgo inna amudo molla Geu neomeo mwo
  • Time And Fallen Leaves

    Romanized Maenballo gieogeul geonilda Tteoreojineun nagyeobe Geugan itji motan saramdeureul bonaenda Maenballo gieogeul geonilda Burkge muldeun haneure Geugan hamkke