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As One (애즈원) is a South Korean R&B duo consisting of Korean-American singers Lee Min-young and Chae Da-hee. They are signed to record label Brand New Music. They debuted in November 1999 with the album Day By Day.


Lee Min

Name (Real Name): Lee Min(Lee Min Young)
Hangul: 이민
Position: Vocal
Birthday (Y.M.D): 1978.12.15.
Nationality: Korean-American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: 0
Sub-Unit: N/A


Name (Real Name): Crystal (Crystal Chae/Chae Da Hee)
Hangul: 크리스탈
Position: Vocal
Birthday (Y.M.D): 1980.04.29
Nationality: Korean-American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: 0
Sub-Unit: N/A

As One songs

  • 이별 같은 거

    너무 밝게 웃는다거나 그런 사진 보인다거나 하면 떠난 니가 정말로 내가 그런 줄 알까 봐 그냥 아무 말도 없이 난 또 아무 느낌 없는 표정만 짓고
  • Still In Love (아직도 사랑입니까) Can Love Become Money OST

    I’ll be waiting for you Even if you meet someone that’s not meIf you are here, I’m okWherever you are, I hope you are wellBecause we will meet someday at
  • Lie (거짓말)

    Your painful words Your painful words
  • Day By Day 2012

    I understand true love You gotta take your time with it You gotta let it grow Day By Day The day I first got to know you, who carefully approached me Instead of
  • It Will Be Good (좋을거야)

    I sit still alone in my small room I quietly think about our past days You left and I held onto you You were cruel and I was lacking I’m not resenting you or
  • Only U

    On rainy days, be my umbrella In my imagination, it’s you and I holding hands in a house
  • What Are We? (우리 무슨 사이야?)

    We ask how we’re doing We go to the movies We slightly hold hands What are we? What are we? We make plans for the weekend We get drunk together sometimes We slightly
  • For The Night (오늘 같은 날)

    Aah, Ha Yeah Yeah Yeah You keep making my fly high Your rough moves make me melt I’ll empty my last drink Don’t rush but lead me Come close to me, hug me, morning
  • Together

    Baby boy, now I can’t stay by your sideDon’t tell me that you understandYou and me, I still can’t forget youOh everyday, I think of you in my heart It’s
  • Monologue (혼잣말)

    *Cry cry cry I cry, why why why tell me whyLie lie lie you lie, bye bye bye don’t say byeBecause I love you You come by my heart a thousand timesEven if I stop
  • What Do I Do (어떡하죠)

    What do I do? What do I do? My heart is slowly going to you What do I do? Now I can’t see anyone else but you Look at the time, it goes like this Do you remember?
  • Awkward Love (사랑아 어떡해)

    Our fingertips are about to touch We just look at our feet Our love is so awkward Though I like you, I say the opposite I keep being cautious Our love is so awkward As
  • I Wish You Wouldn’t Know (너만은 모르길)

    If you didn’t ask, if I ended up never knowing, if you just turned awayThen I would’ve lived as I pretended not to know how you felt about letting me go I know
  • Closer Closer (가까이 가까이) The Thousandth Man OST

    When I’m with you, the time stands still But my heart beats faster I don’t know what this is I just wanna get closer, closer to you Hey Boy, I feel a bit strange Hey