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Bae Da Hae (배다해) is a Korean pop singer. She debuted as the vocalist of the group/band VANILLA LUCY, however, after her participation on the "Chorus Competition" special of the TV-show Qualification of Men, which caused a sudden increase in her popularity, she left the group and debuted officially as a solo singer in 2011 under HM Entertainment.

Name: Bae Da Hae (배다해)
Former Stage Name: Da Hae (다해)
Birthdate: September 7, 1983 (age 32)
Bloodtype: A
Height: 164cm
Weight: 50kg

Bae Da Hae albums, songs

  • Love Me

    [lyrics + video]
    The words, “Forget me”, I can’t believe itYou were the one who said “I love you” to me *Those times, memories made me cry, I want to forget nowYou’re ... [read more ...]
  • 똑 똑 똑

    [lyrics ]
    이제야 나는 너 없는 하루하루가 조금씩 익숙해져 가고 널 지우며 사는데 잘 지내냐는 의미 없는 네 전화에 ... [read more ...]