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Name: BLANC7블랑세븐
Company: JACKPOT Ent
Fanclub Name: PRISM

BLANC7 are a seven-member boy group under JACKPOT Entertainment. BLANC7 was actually first supposed to debut in the first half of this year with four members named Cha, Dae, H, and Woon. Their pics with their names were uploaded onto Jackpot official Instagram but then nothing else was said about them after that. They held showcases in Japan on February 20th and 28th, and made their debut with "YEAH" on February 25th, 2017. Their Korean showcase is set to be held on March 3rd. Their fanclub name is PRISM.


  • SPAX 스팍 (Sub Vocal)
  • TENO 테노 (rapper)
  • JEAN PAUL 쟝폴 (Main Vocal)
  • SHINWOO 신우 (Main Vocal)
  • D.L 디엘 (Sub Vocal)
  • K-KID 케이키드 (Sub Vocal)
  • TAICHI 타이치 (Sub Vocal)


Real Name: Kim Sungchang 김성찬
BDAY: October 17 1992
-Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocal
-Height: 183 cm
-Weight: 71 kg
-Blood Type: A

Fun Facts:
-Has already been to the military
-Participated in numerous b-boy/dance competitions
-Served as a backup dancer for Park Hyoshin and Park Kyunglim
-Hobbies are choreography and playing the guitar


Real Name: Hwang Euijeong 황의정
-Birthday: Spetember 10
-Position: Main Rapper, Dance
-Height: 178 cm
-Weight: 71 kg
-Blood Type: A

Fun Facts:
-Former member of M.CROWN
-Previously a member of Yama&Hot Chicks, served as a backup dancer for EXID, Girls Day, Kara, SNUPER, B.A.P, and others
-Has already been to the military
-Hobbies are dancing, basketball, and martial arts


-Real Name: Kim Seonghwan 김성환
-BDAY: January 1 1991
-Position: Main Vocal
-Height: 178 cm
-Weight: 68 kg
-Blood Type: B
-Hometown: Gyeongju

Fun Facts:
-Former member of BTL
-Starred in Yang Jeongseung's “Break Up” MV
-Appeared on the rookie special episode of Running Man during his BTL time
-Hobbies are sports and exercising


-Real Name: Park Shinwoo 박신우
-BDAY: October 22
-Position: Main Vocal
-Height: 174 cm
-Weight: 59 kg
-Blood Type: O

Fun Facts:
-Former member of M.CROWN
-Participated in rookie group I.D for their Japanese promotions, recorded an OST song with them
-Can play the saxophone
-Was a trainee at the company for 3 years
-Likes the color pink and BTS's Jimin
-Was in the musical "아찔한연애" as the character Son Heunki

D.L 디엘

-Real Name: Kim Yeonhak 김연학
-BDAY: August 30
-Position: Sub Vocal, Dance
-Height: 178 cm
-Weight: 64 kg
-Blood Type: B

Fun Facts:
-Has had several dance and theatre gigs, including being a backup dancer for Kim Janghoon and Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony
-Was part of BLANC's original lineup

K-KID 케이키드

-Real Name: Kim Geon Woong 김건웅
-Birthday: October 21
-Position: Sub Vocal, Dance
-Height: 174 cm
-Weight: 56 kg
-Blood Type: O
-School: Seoul Digital University
-Specialty: Beatbox, Street dance, Broadcast Dance

Fun Facts:
-Specializes in beatbox, street dance, and broadcast dance
-Trained at the company for 2 years and 6 months


-Real Name: Taichi Honda
-Korean Name: Taeil 태일
-BDAY: August 20 1996
-Position: Maknae, Sub Vocal
-Taichi is Japanese
-Height: 176 cm
-Weight: 55 kg
-Blood Type: O

Fun Facts:
-Former member of M.CROWN
-His Korean name is Taeil
-Was in an underground band since middle school
-Has been playing the drums for 10 years
- Is a 6 Dan in Calligraphy


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