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By2 is a Singaporean duo based in Taiwan and signed under a 10-year contract with Ocean Butterflies International. The duo is composed of twin sisters, Miko Bai and Yumi Bai, they debuted with their first studio album, NC 16.

Name: BY2
The name of the band By2 (Baitou, Baitwo) comes from their surname, and 2 because they are 2 sisters.
The pronunciation in English "By" sounds like his last name "Bai".
Number of members: 2 girls (Twin).
Country of origin: Singapore.
Famous in Countries: China, Taiwan.
Gender: C-pop.
FanClub: Yumiko (unofficial).
Agency: Ocean Butterflies Music.


  • Miko Bai (白緯芬)
  • Yumi Bai (白緯玲)