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December (디셈버) is a South Korean R&B duo that debuted in 2009. It comprises Yun Hyuk (Lee Yun Hyuk, born February 28, 1986) and DK (Han Dae Kyu, born April 13, 1986).


  • Yun Hyuk
  • DK

Yun hyuk

Real name: Lee Yun Hyuk
Date of birth : 28 February 1986
Height : 173cm
Weight : 57kg


Real name: Han Dae Kyu
Date of birth : 13 April 1986
Height : 180cm
Weight : 70kg


December songs

  • She’s gone2

    날 떠나간 사랑이 다시 돌아올 까봐 잊혀져 가던 추억들을 눈에 그린다 Let it go Let it go 모두 사라질 까봐 텅 빈 허공에 널 부른다
  • Dazzling Tears (눈부신 눈물)

    If we get to love againLet’s walk a bit farther apartMy loving feelings for you have stuck next to my heartTelling me not to walk alone, telling me to bring you
  • Fire

    Your heart is beating very fast What’s wrong, why are you doing this? Even after seeing the dripping tears This moment can’t be helped and can’t be turned
  • Borrow This Song (이노랠 빌려서)

    Are my tears our love?Is the reason my heart is hurting because of love as well?When will love find me again?Why can’t I? Why is it only you * Are my tears our
  • I’m Okay (괜찮아요)

    I’m okay- just leave like thisSeparation may be better for usCan you hear it?The song you gave me is still the same I drank a lot of alcoholAren’t you worried?Without
  • Unfinished

    * Our sad story where we used to be so in love Although now it became tears Although love has ended since you left me It’s an unfinished story for me I hope you
  • Once Upon A Time

    I cannot forget youEven if this is our endJust in case you returnJust in case you meet me againI can’t forget you While I live, while I breatheEven if I wait for
  • Going Home

    My person whom I long for, the person I miss Now I know that you are my destiny That beautiful smile Those warm eyes I still can’t forget them My love, my love I
  • The Taste of Your Lips (니 입술 그 맛)

    Oh Yeah All Star & December & EB When I’m falling in love It will be forever It’s a love thing Say you love me Underneath the sky, on top of the ocean,
  • She’s Gone

    When you’re walking on the street and listening to this song, one loveDo you think of me?When you listen to sad songs,Do tears appear because it seems like your
  • Baton (바통)

    I ask you to take the only woman in the world for meBecause my time on earth is limited This kind of sad story cannot be known to anyoneEspecially not her She will
  • Ing (잊고 있는중)

    It’s been half a year since you left But I’m still getting over you When I couldn’t see you anymore That’s when I realized that we broke up It’s been a
  • Walk Through The Memories (기억을 걷다보면)

    The white-bleached sky Resembles you If I walk through my memories The reason why my heart hurt The reason why it hurt to breathe I guess it was all because of
  • Don’t Go

    Romanized Don’t go away nal tteonagajima michin deut saranghaetdeon nae du nuneul bwa Baby Don’t let me cry jebal nal ullijima saranghaetdeon neoneun eodie sarangttawin
  • Miss You

    Romanized Oneureun eottaennayo Nan oneul neomu changpihaenneunde Georieseo geu jarieseo Myeot siganigo ulgiman haetjyo Yeojeonhi manhi bappeungayo Nan amuil do
  • Memories

    Romanized Hayake muldeun haneureun Neoreul darmatdeon geot gata Gieok sogeul georeogada bomyeon Gaseum apahaetdeon iyuga Sumi jeoryeowatdeon iyuga Modu da neoyeosseonnabwa Gieogeul