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Dok2 (도끼,  Dokki) is a South Korean rapper and co-CEO of Illionaire Records.

Birth name: Lee Joon-Kyung / 이준경
Born March: 28, 1990
Origin: South Korea
Genres: Korean hip hop
Occupation(s): Rapper producer
Years active: 2009–
Labels: Illionaire Records
Associated acts: The Quiett, Beenzino, Epik High, Jay Park, Dynamic Duo, Drunken Tiger Dea

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Ethnicity: 1/2 Korean, 1/4 Filipino, 1/4 Spanish

Discography: Chapter 1, Imma Shine (digital single), Illstrumentalz Vol.1, Thunderground, Thunderground Mixtape, Fantom, That’s Me (digital single), Hustle Real Hard, Do It For The Fans Mixtape (digital single), Do It Like That (그 쯤에서 해 – digital single), Leave Me Alone, Best Time (In Our Life) – digital single, Love and Life the Album, South Korean Rapstar Mixtape, Ruthless, We Gotta Know (digital single), My Love (digital single), Chikichakachokocho (치키차카초코초 – digital single), RIATCH (digital single), Multillionaire (digital single), MULTILLIONAIRE, Future Flame (digital single), What U Know (뭘 알어 – digital single), Bad Vibes Lonely (digital single), 1llusion (digital single), Beverly 1lls Remix (digital single), Just 1llin’ (digital single)

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Dok2 songs

  • Money Dance (Bonus Track) (Feat. B-Free, Bryan Chase, Okasian)

    I be on my money dance Money dance on a monday I be on my money dance Money dance on a monday From monday to monday I be on my money dance
  • On & On (Feat. Lee Hi)

    I just wanna rhyme I just wanna I just wanna dream I just wanna sleep good I just wanna chill I just wanna
  • In My Whip (Feat. Jay Park, Superbee, The Quiett)

    eco 모드로도 여러분의 차를 추월 i pull up in my maserati 3월은 대학 섭외들이 아주 많으니 카니발 탈게 봐 주말에 ay 갓 장롱에서 면헐 꺼낸 초보운전자의 첫차는 foreign
  • Woleob (워럽) (Feat. Cho Won Seon)

    일리네어 앰비션 motherfucker 야 총 모양의 오른 손 motherfucker 야 난 도끼 행님과 돈 벌거야 악스홀 털어 버리고 유명 해질래 시작돼 해질 때 해이해질 때
  • WTF (who the fuck)

    Im an illy motha fucka 나에 대한 걱정은 접어두슈 니는 나는 알되 내는 니를 몰라 그래 누요누슈 그 똥내 나는 아가린 얼른 장가라 마치 규슈 Its a New year new money new go yard new whips
  • Plus 82 (Feat. Bryan Chase)

    오늘도 밤에 난 깨있어 해가 뜬 뒤에도 깨있어 Fuck it its never too late son Aint nobody told to u wait son 뭐 안해 난 걍 몸에 배어 있어
  • Hiphop Lover

    I was nothin but a hip-hop kid Hip-hop lover 흐릿하던 미래와 꿈에 나를 일단 걸어 그때 내 나인 아홉 게임이 더 좋았을 텐데 이모가 사준 플스 팔어 내 방에 오디오를 놓았었네
  • Reborn

    내 노래 몇 곡 TV 몇 번 또 오고가며 얄팍하게 날 만났었던 그따위 깊이로 날 판단하려 하지는 마 잘 봐 내가 니 바램 따위에나 지는가 뭐 지는 나를 보며 아파할 놈 하나 없는 바닥인거 알어 내가 죽으면 내 무덤 위에 샴페인이나 따러
  • Ambition and Vision (Feat. Beenzino, Changmo (창모), Kim Hyoeun (김효은), Hash Swan, The Quiett)

    야망과 앞을 보는 눈 상상만 하던 오늘을 마주한 내 몸에는 소름 소름은 거짓말을 못 하지
  • Rollercoaster (Feat. Joe Won Sun (조원선))

    When u know u finally here When im here i thought it was done But i feel like i am just nothing Well lets do it like still i aint got shit
  • 1ll Recognize 1ll

    맑은 하늘과 palm trees 바다에 누워 잊고 살았던 조각들을 다 담아 주워
  • Dok2 (도끼) – Put It Down (Feat. Kim Hyoeun, Changmo) - Entourage OST – Mixtape #6

    Am I a superstar Am I a hero just because I’ve been in that supercar When you’re feeling down everything is superfar All you gotta know you aint gotta worry about a thing just put it down
  • We The Best

    Love and joy You and me together I will spend my last with you We the best Look into my eyes yeah If you look at me, I’ll feel your passionate look As we are both
  • Just Follow

    They call me H Y U N to the AWhether it’s dance- I always give it my allYou can’t get sick of me- I’m always like newI’mma give it to you I’mma give it
  • Handz Up

    I’m feelin’ good and I won’t turn down for nobody There’s one life to live so everyone enjoy it So get ’em high high We gon’ fly fly Let’s do it right
  • Hollywho

    Yeah FeelGhood Music Gemini We gonna party tonight like it’s your payday Everybody come around they wanna see what I got they always askin what I’m going cause
  • Click Me (2013)

    First is the kick drum, second is the snare drum Third is the hi-hat Synthesizers makes me feel high And you clap Bass line goes di-da-di-du-du So this is hip-hop Maybe
  • Leave Me Alone (F**k You)

    This song is rated R for explicitness   * Leave me alone now I’m gonna goIt’s fine with me even if you’re not hereDon’t look back and just goI don’t
  • X Song

    I know u love it And u know I love it too Cuz We know we love it Lets get down lets talk about what real love is Don’t think I’m easy Sometimes, push me a little
  • Free Will

    Cover your ears, trust yourself, don’t be shaken Your life is your problem, you must answer it You can choose, even your own death There’s just a price to all
  • Crush

    Aye baby boy, look here, I’m ready It’s your first time and you may be shy but please come to me Let‘s Get Down Down * His stimulating scent and eyes His
  • Rather Than Being Friends (친구보다는) (Another Day Korean Vers.)

    I don’t know, I really don’t know ohI wasn’t like this but these days, I’m a bit strangeI had no interest in you at all butNow, I can’t look at you straight

    Note: This song is rated R for explicit language. Some parts may be offensive. R.A.P. star that’s me, I don’t say pretty things like someone Whatever you say,
  • Finale

    My longing for you suffocates me baby The pain of a break up is long and cruel My love for you, I’m trying to hide these feelings I’m trying to erase my thoughts
  • Massage

    You’re so hot, I run out of breath when I see you But actually, my heart aches From Monday to next Monday, you’re so busy It’s okay if we can’t really meet
  • Come Here (이리와봐)

    If you have something to say to me, come here I’ll listen to whatever it is, come here Alright, I got it so come here If you’re uncomfortable here, come outside Hey,
  • 1HUNNIT (사실이야)

    Ah yeah, my wallet is so full Every day, 1 time, I don’t worry about money I’m a bad boy but I have a good heart Burn it up, K-Pop is my cigarette Fall, winter,
  • My Lifestyle

    I jump off my bed and draw the curtains I breathe in the morning – I wanna do it my own way I say good morning to my puppy and have a cup of coffee Wanna hear
  • Best Time (In Our Life)

    You look even more beautiful today in my eyesTonight, I want to spend all night with you Baby are you down with me Do you feel the same way? Whisper softly in my
  • Lovekiller (못된 여자)

    The look you give me is so sexy sometimes, I get nervous (What do you want to hear? What do you want?) I can’t hide it but I like this heart pounding feeling yeah When
  • Up And Down

    I don’t care if you have something to do tomorrow Don’t act timid Wherever in this world Girl
  • Know Your Name

    The moment I go in this place, I just see you and meUnderneath the flashing lights, I don’t see anyone else – who’s to deny it?Yes, I have everything – everything
  • Multillionaire (Prod. By DJ Mustard)

    Got DJ Mustard on the beat ho G o n to the z o D o k 2 thats me bro Illionaire motha fucka how we go Question marks in your eyes, an ellipsis in your heads People
  • Your Story

    The painful memories It’s not easy to close my eyes and relive those days I would rather cover it up like it never happened But the flowing tears stop me I try
  • That Is My World (그것만이 내 세상) Punch OST

    You told me that I know so little of the world With a bit of a worried look With a bit of a sorry smile Yes, I probably don’t know the world I have left for this
  • Something Special

    Oh babe (Something Special) There’s something about you Look at her, droopy eyes, short height, you are not my type Just by looking, she’s a size large But
  • Good Luck

    Romanized Nuga mwora hadeon gane Naneun jeoldae pogi an hae Nal mitji motandamyeon Neon jal jikyeobogiman hae Dwidora boji anha amman bomyeo dallyeogane Whatever

    Romanized Biatch im riatch ho Biatch im riatch ho Biatch im riatch ho Biatch im riatch ho Biatch im riatch ho Biatch im riatch ho Biatch im riatch ho Biatch im