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Dong Zhen (董贞) is a Chinese singer-songwriter and lyricist best known for performing the theme songs of many Chinese MMORPGs.

Dong graduated from the Communication University of China. After her graduation, she went to pursue her career as a singer with the Beijing Musical Organisation (北京音樂圈). In 2006, Dong was a judge at the auditions of the Woxing Woxiu (我型我秀) reality television show, jointly organised by UMG and SMG. She also participated in the 2009 Super Girl (2009快樂女聲) contest and was one of the top 300 finalists from all over China.
Dong is best known for performing the theme songs of several Chinese MMORPGs, including The Legend of Sword and Fairy series, Jade Dynasty and Zu Online, as well as for some television series and commercials. She is the first singer to use the Zhongguo Feng (中國風) style (a form of modern Chinese music which fuses traditional instruments and styles with R&B or rock) for theme songs from video games. Dong also writes lyrics for songs by other singers, including Jang Na-ra and Jeong Jae-yeon. She released a total of six albums from 2007 to 2011.