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Dragon Ash (ドラゴンアッシュ) is a Japanese rap rock group founded in 1996 by Kenji "KJ" Furuya and Sakurai Makoto. They were one of the first groups to popularize hip hop in Japan. Dragon Ash is a member of Mob Squad, which is an affiliation with the bands Source and Endive.


  • KJ降谷建志):Vocal, Guitar, 1979.02.09生まれ,B型.
  • MAKOTO桜井誠):Drums, 1979.02.07生まれ,O型.
  • IKUZO馬場育三):Bass, 1965.11.01生まれ,A型.
  • BOTS:Turn table, 1978.05.30生まれ,O型.