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Echae Kang (강이채)  is a Violinist & Singer-Songwriter. She was born in Jinju South Korea in 1988 to an already musical family. Her mother was a classical guitarist and teacher, and her older brother was accomplished on many instruments. When Echae was six, she began playing violin and studied classical music with many private teachers. At the age of ten she began entering competitions on a regular basis, bringing home many first place prizes. At this point she realized her love for jazz and other genres of music, but could not find a teacher proficient in such genres in Korea. At the age of nineteen she began performing with a jazz quartet in Seoul. Soon after, she found Berklee College of Music had accepted her application and she was rewarded a full scholarship. Once in America, Echae wasted no time, participating in multiple recordings and performing in many shows of all kinds. She has performed with Mark O’Connor, Ron Carter, Lalah Hathaway and Alan Silvestri. Echae also has discovered she was the winner of Berklee’s Most Valuable Player Award for her outstanding contributions to her department and major. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Echae moved to San Francisco Bay Area and performed with Kev Choice, Martin Luther Mccoy, Wobbly World and many other great bay area musicians. In 2014, she moved back to South Korea and created her own band 'Echae en Route' with the bassist Oh Kyung Kwon and released their first EP album 'Madeline'. (source).


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