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Eddy Kim (Kim Jung Hwan) is a South Korean singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is known as the one of the Top 6 finalists of Mnet’s Superstar K4.

English Name: Eddy Kim (에디킴)
Korean Name: Kim Jung Hwan / 김정환
Stage Name: Eddy Kim
Birthday: November 23, 1990
Height: 174 cm
Instagram: @soulquaker
Twitter: @SoulQuaker
-He is from Seoul, South Korea but lived in the States


Eddy Kim albums, songs

  • My Love

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Neoui ireumboda oneureun Ireoke neol bureulge My love my love my love Yojeum na isanghada Ireon ge an eosaekhada Neon jeomjeom nal bakkugo isseo Neol ... [read more ...]
  • Slow Dance

    [lyrics + video]
    Will you dance with me as you hold my hands? Again, side to the side, a sweet kiss Don’t think about anything other than dancing As we look at each other, slow ... [read more ...]
  • Push & Pull (밀당의 고수)

    [lyrics + video]
    I’m confused again today, your texts bother me But when we meet, you’re so bright It doesn’t work out again today, you act like we’re gonna meet up soon But ... [read more ...]
  • Roommate (룸메이트)

    [lyrics + video]
    You’re not my dad but I see you in the mornings We’re not a married couple but we fall asleep together You’re a bit special You’re not my girlfriend but ... [read more ...]
  • 2 Years Apart

    [lyrics + video]
    I can’t take it, I want to get discharged from the army and date you I try to get you to fall for me every time I get a break Wait for me, you can date other guys ... [read more ...]
  • Shower Girl

    [lyrics + video]
    On the right side of the shower, in the red tube There’s a sexy shampoo for long straight hair In the clear bottle in the front Is body wash that will wet your ... [read more ...]
  • The Manual (너 사용법)

    [lyrics + video]
    Softly, with mood, warmly, tightly hug her Use it once a day, every day When your soft eyes meet hers, smile So she can smile, hey what’s up beauty, talk to her Get ... [read more ...]
  • Empty Space (Valid Love OST)

    [lyrics ]
    I didn’t know back then that I was lonely That it would pierce my heart a little later When even the familiar air feels foul When even the cruel love turns its ... [read more ...]
  • It’s Over

    [lyrics + video]
    Every morning, I was in torture When I open my eyes, I remember the day we broke up Just like my own personal cloud raining on me I am smiling but my eyes are crying I ... [read more ...]
  • Sober Up

    [lyrics + video]
    On top of the clearly glass table On the seat where she was drinking coffee She left and now there’s two times as much of drinks I gotta sober up sober up sober ... [read more ...]
  • Apologize

    [lyrics + video]
    You say this then you say that You have no thoughts, just your empty fake crying There was no love to start with, I hope you regret it You say it was like this, ... [read more ...]
  • Autumn Smell (가을냄새)

    [lyrics + video]
    When the colors start changing on every street, everywhere Why do I always think of you? I don’t know, I don’t know I could smell it While waiting for the traffic ... [read more ...]
  • Artificial Flower (조화)

    [lyrics + video]
    Behind the flashiness of an eternal flower petal There’s a liar who has never bloomed nor withered It will bloom again tomorrow like it’s nothing Pretending ... [read more ...]
  • Darling

    [lyrics + video]
    I’ve become tired of everything darling All day I wanna lay around with you darling You smile in your sleep, I guess our love was good My darling gives me an icy ... [read more ...]
  • Lovin’ You

    [lyrics + video]
    I tried to forget you my friend In the end, you said, let’s end it I replayed it over and over And it comes in deeper and deeper Loving you again Loving you, you’ve ... [read more ...]
  • One Day (하루 하나) Pride And Prejudice OST

    [lyrics + video]
    I hear laughter through the window Maybe it’s you She looks so beautiful girl What is this feeling? We said hello with a smile My cheeks grow slightly red The ... [read more ...]
  • Sing Sing Sing

    [lyrics + video]
    Sing Sing Sing Oh again Sing Sing Sing Oh again Without any thought, sing sing sing Orange juggling is much more important Than hard math Anxious future, worries, ... [read more ...]
  • Eddy Kim (에디킴) – You are so Beautiful (이쁘다니까) - Goblin OST Part 5

    [lyrics + video]
    자꾸 물어보는 너 늘 확인하고픈 너 같은 말해줘도 매일 말해줘도 왜 계속 물어 입술이 말라오네 또 식은땀이 흐르네 ... [read more ...]