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Eyedi (아이디

Affiliation: Bace Camp Studio

Eyedi songs

  • Best Mistake (E)

    What am I to do Been caught up for a while I’m feeling like a fool Cuz when I fall I fall so hard I guess it’s not my fault
  • Best Mistake (K)

    뻔뻔하게도 너는 아무렇지도 않은 듯 전활 해 언제나 그랬지 또
  • Type (E) (Feat. Mario Winans)

    I think it’s time to go Cause boy your eyes are fixed on me tonight And we can take it slow While ur turning off the lights This red wine tastes much better On your on your body
  • Type (K) (Feat. 김효은)

    뭘 원하는지 난 알고 있어 서두르지 마 그 어떤 말보다 천천히 다가와 봐 Move your mover your body Body body talking 끈적하게