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Flow is a Japanese rock band, that formed in 1998 and signed on to Sony Music Japan's Ki/oon Music label. The band has five members: KOHSHI, KEIGO, TAKE, GOT'S and IWASAKI.


  • KOHSHI (vocals)
  • KEIGO (vocals)
  • TAKE (guitar)
  • GOT'S (bass)
  • IWASAKI (drums)

The two brothers, KOHSHI and TAKE, started their band activities in 1993. KOHSHI's big idol was hide (X JAPAN). Sometime later they started their first own X JAPAN cover band, called WYBURN. From their neighbourhood they found a guy who was a big fan of Yoshiki and he joined them on drums. KOHSHI took hide's part in the band and TAKE took Pata's role.

When X JAPAN disbanded, the band changed from a X JAPAN cover band to a hide cover band, and they also changed their name to "Pinking". Around this time they also wrote some of their own songs, and the band developed themselves from a cover band to an independent band.

After they released their sold out first demo-tape, they wanted to change their style. They thought about creating a band with two vocalists and light hip-hop influences. After some discussions the band FLOW was created in 1998 and KOHSHI became the second singer. They found some members to join them, and KEIGO took the position as the main vocalist, GOT'S became the bassist and IWASAKI became the drummer. Since then the line-up has never changed.