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Forte di Quattro (포르테 디 콰트로

Forte Di Quattro (포르테 디 콰트로) is the winner of JTBC's audition program <Phantom Singer>, which is a Korean version of the "Il Dibo" project, and a cross-over men's quartet. Musical actor Ko Hoon Jung, Tenor Kim Hyunsoo, Bass Son Tae Jin, It is a composed team. The team name 'Forte Di Quattro' means 'power of four', 'power of the quartet'.

'Forte Di Quattro' is a team formed in the Final Round of Phantom Singer, and won both first and second place finishes on the first and second stages and won the invitation. In the two final stages, the four singers of <Notte stellata>, <Odissea>, <Lofty Song> and <Adagio> The most appropriate team for the "Heavenly Harmony."

'Forte Di Quattro' will be releasing worldwide record labels and sound recordings through the world class label 'DECCA Records' at the same time as the team will be formed in 2017, and will have a sole national tour concert from April.