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Fo'xTails is a Japanese rock band formed in November 2013, under the leadership of Takao, singer of the band. It consists of five members: Takao, Nakaze, Terra, Takayuki and Hiroshi. In November 2014, the 51st edition of Shonen Jump magazine announced that the group will be singing the end of Kuroko no Basket 3: Glitter Days, and it begins to be known.


  • Takao (Lead Vocalist) (Leader)
  • Nakaze (Guitarist)
  • Terra (Guitarist and programmer)
  • Sakamoto Takayuki (Bass player)
  • Takashi Hiroshi (Drummer) (former member)

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    [lyrics ]
    Hello! Hello! Hello! Begin the Tales! Wow… 経過を知る由もなく価値観が崩壊して 感情が揺さぶられる気分を知りたいなら ... [read more ...]