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Stage Name: Krystal
English Name: Krystal Jung
Korean Name: Jung Soo Jung
Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Nationality: Korean/American
Birthday: October 24, 1994
Height: 165 cm (5‘5″)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: San Francisco, California, United States

-She would rather have people call her by her Korean name, Soo Jung, over Krystal.
-She loves taking selcas.
-She loves apples but is allergic to them.
-Is the younger sister of Jessica of Girl‘s Generation/SNSD.
-She believes that Jessica is prettier than her.
-During an SM Town concert in LA, Krystal signed for all the fans at Sheraton Hotel until the security lady told her to stop.
-She is the only member who doesn’t stay in the dorm and lives with her parents.
-Krystal’s ideal type: “A man that looks good in horn-rimmed glasses, a white shirt, jeans and black hair while being funny and having their own distinct fragrance .”
-She admires Christina Aguilera.

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