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Gackt is a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter and actor. He began his rise to fame fronting the band Malice Mizer.

Gackt Camui was born in Okinawa, Japan, on July 4th (year unknown, although there is speculation he was born in the year 1973). He has an older sister and a younger brother. Although his mother's vocation is unknown, Gackt has stated on more than one occasion that his father was a jazz musician that played the trumpet.

Gackt was a rambunctious child and enjoyed doing dangerous things. At seven years of age while swimming off the coast of Okinawa, he nearly drowned. After his near-death experience, Gackt claimed the ability to see the dead and speak with deceased family members. His family did not take it seriously but as three years passed, Gackt began to feel uncomfortable with the dismissive treatment and perceived himself as an outsider.

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