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Gesu no Kiwami Otome (ゲスの極み乙女。, "Girl at the Height of Rudeness") is a Japanese band that formed in 2012 by Indigo la End front-man Enon Kawatani. Describing themselves as "hip-hop/progressive",the band debuted in 2013 with independent label Space Shower Records, later signed by Warner sub-label Unborde.


  • Enon Kawatani (川谷絵音 Kawatani Enon?), real name Kenta Kawatani (川谷健太 Kawatani Kenta?), also known as MC.K, is the band's vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter, who also serves as the frontman for indigo la End.
  • Kyūjitsu Kachō (休日課長?, "Weekend Manager"), real name Masao Wada (和田まさお Wada Masao?), is the band's bassist. Kyūjitsu Kachō was a former member of indigo la End under the name E ni Naranai Kachō (絵にならない課長?, "Unpicturesque Manager"), however left the band in July 2011.From 2007 to 2009, Kyūjitsu Kachō was a member of the band Aomune, performing under the name Waden (ワデン?).
  • Chan Mari (ちゃんMARI?), real name Mari Fukushige (福重まり Fukushige Mari?), is the keyboardist for the band. She is also the keyboardist for the band Crimson, which formed in Kagoshima in 2005.
  • Hona Ikoka (ほな・いこか?), real name Honami Satō (佐藤穂奈美 Satō Honami?), is the band's drummer. She has been a member of the duo Microcosm since 2009, performing drums and chorus.

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