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G. Rina is a Japanese singer songwriter. She is a Japan born and raised young woman who is a quarter English. She uses only the letter "G" from her full English family name (which she does not reveal on her official website), and places it in front of her given name, as is Japanese custom. Her music is also a hybrid - a mix of electronic and acoustic, pop/jazz/Brazilian/reggae/hip-hop sounds sung in Japanese, English and sometimes Spanish. She also deejays on a regular basis, and while she plays both guitar and piano, most often she sings while accompanying herself on turntable or personal computer. G. Rina in fact describes herself as ''singer/song-track maker''

Born: Japan
Genre: Dance/electronic
Albums: Lotta Love, MASHED PIECES #2
Record labels: Tower Records, MELODY & RIDDIM


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  • All Around The World (feat. 土岐麻子)

    なんだか不思議なの あなたと出会って ひとりでいるよりも 自由を感じてる 化粧を落として ハイヒール脱いで 少しずつ自分を 愛せる気がするこの頃よ
  • close2u

    1.2.3ではじけるように この夜へとダイブ 指先マイダス 緑のアイラッシュ ドレスダウンして白のアディダス わたしがいるかを探してるんでしょう あなたの幻想もうすこし減速 したなら乗ってもいいかも