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Heize is a South Korean singer and rapper. She made her debut in 2014 with her mini album Heize.
Name: 헤이즈 / Heize
Real name: 다혜 다혜 / Jang Da Hye
Profession: Singer / Rapper
Date of Birth: 09-August-1991 (25 Years)
Place of Birth: Masan, South Korea
Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius
Agency: CJ E & M


  • Heize [21.März, 2014]
  • And July [18.Juli, 2016]


  • Nae Namjachinguga Gomabdae (내 남자친구가 고맙대; My Boyfriend Says Thank You) [16.Januar, 2015]
  • Pume Sweet Pume (feat. Monokim) [5.Juni, 2015]
  • Doraojima (돌아오지마; Don’t Come Back) (feat. Jun Hyung) [14.April, 2016]
  • Shut Up & Groove (feat. DEAN) [2.Juni, 2016]
  • Jeo Byeol (저 별; That Star) [5.Dezember, 2016]

TV theme songs

  • Jealousy Incarnate OST Part.1 (#UFO Tago Watni? (UFO 타고 왔니?; Did You Ride An Ufo?)) (mit Go Young Bae)) [25.August, 2016]