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Hello Venus헬로비너스;  HELLOVENUS) is a South Korean girl group formed by Tricell Media, a joint venture between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio, in 2012.


  • Alice (Leader, Main Vocal)
  • Lime (Vocal, Main Rapper, Main Dancer)
  • Nara (Vocal, Visual)
  • Yooyoung (Vocal, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer)
  • Seoyoung (Lead Vocal)
  • Yeoreum (Vocal, Maknae)

Former Members

  • Yooara (Leader, Main Vocal)
  • Yoonjo (Vocal)


Stage Name: Alice (앨리스)
Real Name: Song Ju Hee (송주희)
Birthdate: March 21, 1990
Height: 166cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Guitar playing, styling
Skills: Computer programming
Agency: Fantiago Entertainment


Stage Name: Lime (라임)
Real Name: Kim Hye Lim (김혜림)
Birthdate: January 19, 1993
Height: 169cm
Weight: 50kg
Agency: Fantiago Entertainment


Stage Name: Nara (나라)
Real Name: Kwon Na Ra (권나라)
Birthdate: March 13, 1991
Height: 172cm
Weight: 52kg
Agency: Fantiago Entertainment


Stage Name: Yooyoung (유영)
Real Name: Park Jung Hwa (박정화)
Birthdate: January 23, 1995
Height: 170cm
Weight: 49kg
Agency: Fantiago Entertainment


Stage Name: Seoyoung (서영)
Real Name: Lee Seo-young (이서영)
Birthdate: June 27, 1994
Height: 164cm
Weight: 50kg
Agency: Fantiago Entertainment


Stage Name: Yeoreum (여름)
Real Name: An Chae Young ( 안채영)
Birthdate: June 4, 1996
Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Agency: Fantiago Entertainment


Stage Name: Yooara (유아라)
Real Name: Yoo Ah Ra (유아라)
Birthdate: September 26, 1992
Height: 167cm
Weight: 47kg


Stage Name: Yoonjo (윤조)
Real Name: Shin Yoon Jo (신윤조)
Birthdate: December 14, 1992
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Agency: Pledis Entertainment


Hello Venus albums

Hello Venus songs

  • Mysterious

    앞만 보고 걷는 그대 다칠 것 같지 일부러 날 외면하고 있는 것 같애 넌 마치 보다가 멈춘 영화처럼 읽다 만 소설처럼 그 다음이 점점 궁금하게 만들어
  • Officially Missing You (Hello Venus Our Story)

    Uh yeah, a year has already passed, it’s becoming three years since we’ve been together Time goes so fast – times when we used to complain as we walked up
  • Wiggle Wiggle

    It’s Brave Sound H.E.L.L.O Venus H.E.L.L.O Venus H.E.L.L.O Venus H.E Hello Venus Move it side to side, your butt, left to right, wiggle wiggle With more feeling,
  • Do You Want Some Tea? (차 마실래)

    Hey, listen up! Where you at now? You ready to tell me, boy! It’s already been 100 days since we started dating It’s still a bit awkward between us Today I
  • Like A Wave (파도처럼)

    Say Goodbye, Never Say Goodbye, Don’t Say Goodbye * Like a fool, like a wave, I am waiting for you (don’t leave me cry) Like a fool, like a wave, I’m drawing
  • Show Window

    You got me losin’ ma mind You got me outta control My long and thick eyeliner is even more enticing today (get ready) Red is better than black, gold is better
  • Whisky

    Your mysterious face Keeps confusing me Your smile that puts my heart up and down Makes me tremble for the first time in a while Your black eyes Look slightly rough
  • Hellovenus

    You might be a little shocked A new side of me that you didn’t know about It might seem a little strange The Venus image that you’ve drawn out Woo oh oh oh Woo
  • I’m Ill (난 예술이야)

    I’m ill, I’m ill I’m ill, I’m ill, I’m ill Thin waist, hot body Sexy lips, they all fall for it Lonely men, come see me I’m kinda cool, now tell me This
  • Hello

    * Hello! Now listen upVenus has come, listenHey hello – everyone come and playTo the amazing world of VenusHey hello – Hello VenusIf you want me, feel thisHey
  • What Are You Doing Today (오늘 뭐해?)

    Hello Venus Let’s Start * Before the day ends, I want to see you Before the sun sets, call call call (x2) What if someone else takes you first? (Just the thought
  • Again (자꾸만)

    I keep seeing you, tears keep flowing Now go, just leave — after saying those words that I don’t even mean My heart hurts Time flows without rest – after
  • Excitement (설레임)

    I close my eyes but only your face pops up in my mindI block my ears but it feels like I heard your voiceEach day passes mindlessly with thoughts of youI think
  • Sticky Sticky (끈적끈적)

    I’m so full of charm Am I really sexy? Just by giving you a look, you get so happy You can’t take your eyes off me Your hot stares at me make my heart pound
  • Whatcha Talk About

    Whatcha talking about man? Uh talk about talk about Whatcha talking about man? Uh Talk Talk Talk Whatcha talking about man? Uh talk about talk about Whatcha talking
  • Just A Moment (잠깐만)

    I cut my hair and fixed my makeup Today, I feel especially good I ran into a guy that I feel good about It feels like something good will happen Without anyone
  • Venus

    Hello, You Know?V I C T O R Y girls ooh I’m right here so why are you hesitation?I know how a girl’s heart worksI am cheering for you so why are you nervous? Now,
  • Same (똑같아)

    From the day I met you, I doubted you The second time we met, I knew for sure Uh uh uh uh~ uh uh uh uh~ uh uh uh uh~ I was gonna see how you were for a bit longer Uh
  • Chameleon

    When you look at me, my head gets blank (Your black eyes) I try to hide it but my cheeks get red (Pretty like the blue sky) My heart pounds, what’s going on! Just
  • Love Appeal

    Anyone who sees you will fall for youEven your hand motions are differentStop! Cool guy, now stopIt won’t work against me We’ve already ran into each other
  • What Are You Doing Today

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Lime] Hello venus! Let’ start! [Yoonjo] Uhm~ chup! [All] Oneuri gagi jeone nan neoreul bogil wonhae Haega jigi jeone call call
  • Romantic Love

    Romanized Jeongmal cham isanghae eotteoke da angeoya? Deutgo sipdeonmal ,hagosipdeon naui modeungeol! Oh~ Mollae nae mame deureo watdeongeot cheoreom Saenggangmanhaedo
  • First Love

    Romanized Geudaeneun moreunayo dugeungeorineun naemameul Geudaedwie hangsang seoinneunde Kkumsogeseon eonjena, geudaega nareul kkaeujyo My love, maeilbam ulgoinneunde~ Baby,
  • Same

    Romanized Cheoeum mannan nalbuteo uisim haesseosseo Du beonjjae mannan naren hwaksini deureotji Uh uh uh uh~ uh uh uh uh~ uh uh uh uh~ Jogeum deo jikyeoboryeo haenneunde Uh
  • Winter Fantasy

    Romanized Nan amado neoreul saenggakhae hamkke neukkyeo oneul i gibun Noransaegi gadeukhan fantasy Nuguna nal sarange ppajin geora hae hamkke neukkyeo oneul i gibun Neomu
  • Do You Want Some Tea?

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Yooyoung] Hey, listen up! Where you at now? You ready to tell me, boy! [Ara] Uri mannan ji beolsseo baeiljjae Ajigeun seoro eosaek
  • Kiss Me

    Romanized Haneureul darmeun neoraseo nuni busyeowa Ai gataseo neomu gwiyeowo Ice cream gataseo sarajil kkabwa buran hajanha Dagawa nareul angoseo i love you baby
  • Wait

    Romanized Meorireul jareugo hwajangeul gochigo oneureun yunanhi gibuni jom joha Uyeonhi majuchin neukkimi joheun geu namja joheun iri saenggil geot gata Amudo mollae
  • Again

    Romanized Jakkuman geudaega boyeoyo jakkuman nunmuri heulleoyo Ijen garago tteonagarago mame eomneun malhago nani nae mami apayo Swil sae eobsi sigani tto jinaganeyo