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Hey! Say! JUMP is a nine-member Japanese all-male band under the Japanese talent agency, Johnny's Entertainment.

Yabu Kota
薮宏太 (やぶこた)

Nickname: Yabu-chan, Yabucchi, Yappi-, Kou-chan (childhood nickname)
Birthday: 1990.01.31
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Kanagawa

Height: 175cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: A

Admired senpai: Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN), Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)
Admired person: Johnny Depp
Collects: CDs
Favorite color: red
Disliked color: blue
Favorite food: curry rice, oden, boiled fish
Favorite dish: Hiyayakko
Disliked food: tomatoes, cucumber, greenpeach
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite taste: sour things
Favorite subject: English
Weak subject Mathematics
Favorite animal: newborn kittens
Hobby: listening music
Speciality: soccer
Good point: can concentrate for a short amount of time
Weak point: can’t concentrate for a long amount of time

Favorite type of girl: cute, not too loud
Country I want to go to: Europe, Spain
Country I have been to: America, Hawaii, Taiwan, Thailand

Joined JE: September 23rd 2001

Takaki Yuya
高木雄也 (たかきゆうや)

Birthday: 1990.3.26
Zodiac: Aries
Birthplace: Osaka

Blood type: O
Height: 175cm
Weight: 53kg

Admired senpai: Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN), Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)
Favorite Food: Pizza gratin pineapple
Dislike Food: Paseri
Favorite Colour: Orange
Weak Point: Scared of bugs and pidgeons

Joined JE: June 12th 2004

Inoo Kei
伊野尾慧 (いのおけい)

Nickname: Inoo-chan
Birthday: 1990.6.22
Zodiac: Cancer
Birthplace: Saitama

Blood type: A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg

Respected Senpai: SMAP, KAT-TUN
Charming Point: Hand (beautiful like girl’s hands)
Weak Point: Insects
Favourite Food: Cooked Rice, Saba Fish, Udon, Ramen
Valuable Thing: Letters From Fanclub
First Love: Primary School Year 1
Girl Type: Cute, Kind
Talent: Basketball, Drawing, Guitar, Piano
Dislike Subject: English
Dream: CD Debut

Joined JE: September 23rd 2001

Yaotome Hikaru
八乙女光 (やおとめひかる)

Nickname: Hikka (childhood nickname)
Birthday: 1990.12.02
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Hometown: Miyagi

Height: 172cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: O

Admired person: Justin Timberlake
Collects: car mags
Favourite color: all brown colors, black, white, blue
Disliked color: purple
Favorite food: wasabi (meaning any kind of food that was prepared with wasabi)
Favorite dish: soba miso boil
Disliked food: none
Favorite subject: Heath class (knowing about your body and daily things is important)
Weak subject: geography
Favorite animal: dogs (but not ones that bark a lot)
Favorite sport: soccer, baseball
Favorite taste: spicy things (the hotter the better)
Hobby: reading car mags, listening music
Speciality: handstanding, dancing
Attractive feature: double tooth
Good point: getting along with all kinds of people
Bad point: Spaces out a lot

Favorite type of girl: girl with spirit, short, girl who’s able to lift the atmosphere
Country I want to go to: Guam
Country I have been to: Hawaii, Thailand, Las Vegas

Arioka Daiki
有岡大貴 (ありおかだいき)

Nickname: Dai-chan, Arii
Birthday: 1991.4.15
Zodiac: Aries
Birthplace: Chiba

Blood type: A
Height: 163cm
Weight: 47kg

Talent: Football
Favourite Food: Omelette
Disliked Food: Tomato, mayonnaise
Favourite Sport: Soccer
Favourite Subject: English
Dislike Subject: Mathematics
First Love: Primary School Year 2

Joined JE: 2004

Okamoto Keito
岡本圭人 (おかもとけいと)

Birthday: 1993.4.1
Zodiac: Aries

Admired senpai: everyone at Johnny’s
Blood type: O
Height: 169cm
Weight: 45kg

Yamada Ryosuke
山田涼介 (やまだりょうすけ)

Nickname: Yama-chan though he wants to be called Ryo-chan
Birthday: 1993.5.9
Zodiac: Taurus
Birthplace: Tokyo

Blood type: B
Height: 158.5cm
Weight: 45kg

Respected Senpai: Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)
Hobbies: cooking
Weak Point: Scared of ghosts.

Joined JE: 12 August 2004

Nakajima Yuto
中島裕翔 (なかじまゆうと)

Nickname: Yuto, Nakajima, Nakayan
Birthday: 1993.8.10
Zodiac: Leo
Birthplace: Tokyo

Blood type: A
Height: 164.8cm
Weight: 40kg

Respected Senior: Takizawa Hideaki
Charming Point: Hoarsing Voice
Favourite Food: Sashimi, Strawberry, Meat
Disliked Food: None
Valuable Thing: Younger Brother
First Love: When he was at Nursery
First Kiss: Never
Girl Type: Kind
Dream: Super Star

Joined JE: 28th March 2004

Chinen Yuri
知念侑李 (ちねんゆうり)

Nickname: Chinen, Chii
Birthday: 1993.11.30
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Tokyo

Blood type: AB
Height: 142cm
Weight: 33kg

Favorite subject: PE
Weak subject: English
Speciality: Gymnastics

Joined JE: 7th June 2003

Morimoto Ryutaro
森本龍太郎 (もりもとりゅうたろう)

Birthday: 1995.4.6
Zodiac: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Boar
Birthplace: Kanagawa

Blood type: A
Height: 149.5cm
Weight: 34kg (old info)

Joined JE: 12 August 2004


  • [2010.07.07] JUMP NO. 1
  • [2012.06.06] JUMP WORLD
  • [2014.06.18] s3art
  • [2015.06.24] JUMPing CAR
  • [2016.07.27] DEAR. ; Certification - Platinum


  • [2007.11.14] Ultra Music Power
  • [2008.05.21] Dreams come true
  • [2008.07.23] Your Seed / Bouken Rider (冒険ライダー)
  • [2008.10.22] Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (真夜中のシャドーボーイ)
  • [2010.02.24] Hitomi no Screen (瞳のスクリーン)
  • [2010.12.15] "Arigatou" ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ (「ありがとう」~世界のどこにいても~)
  • [2011.06.29] OVER
  • [2011.09.21] Magic Power (マジックパワー)
  • [2012.02.22] SUPER DELICATE
  • [2013.06.26] Come On A My House
  • [2013.12.25] Ride With Me
  • [2014.02.05] AinoArika / Aisureba Motto Happy Life (愛すればもっとハッピーライフ)
  • [2014.09.03] Weekender / Asu e no YELL (ウィークエンダー/明日へのYELL)
  • [2015.04.29] Chau# / Wo I Need You (我 I Need You)
  • [2015.10.21] Kimi Attraction (キミアトラクション) ; Certification - Platinum
  • [2016.05.11] Maji SUNSHINE (真剣SUNSHINE) ; Certification - Platinum
  • [2016.10.26] Fantastic Time ; Certification - Platinum
  • [2016.12.14] Give Me Love

Hey! Say! JUMP albums

Hey! Say! JUMP songs

  • Vanilla Ice

    引力の無い月は消えてく Timeline残るモノローグ(結局君で) ‘当たり前’がいつまで隣で笑ってくれるかわかんない (真っ白な未来 Answer)
  • Funky Time

    泣いてる顔でも素敵だけど 笑ったなら So beautiful 同じだけ時間なら進む Don’t look back, keep on shinin’
  • Our Days

    見上げた空に 舞い上がる花びらたち 当たり前の日々に 最後のチャイムが鳴る ここから僕ら それぞれに旅立つんだね サヨナラから始まるように
  • PARTY!!

    あげていきな Put your hands up! 面倒な感情に What’s up? 大胆に笑って Hands up! Put your hands up!

    Love is alive さあ行こうぜ 最果ての向こうへ 時は待っててはくれない Now is the time 誰だって 震えながら前へ 心にかけたカギ解き放て
  • Traffic Jam

    Dan Dan トゥナイト ありのままでBaby 簡単じゃない Can you feel it? 走る鼓動
  • Baby I Love You

    街はざわめく人たち (Love you, Love you so much) 穏やかに見守ってる (Love you, Love you so much) 白く染まった吐息が この心を弾ませるよ 何か起こりそうな夜に
  • TOY

    無邪気に笑う 君は天使か悪魔か? まだ分からないのさ 不意に Eyes on you 立ち上がることもできない ノックアウトされて Oh my god
  • 明日ハレルヤ (Ashita Hallelujah)

    「明日はもっとハレルヤ…。」 ため息ついて振り返った君に たくさんの足跡がそっと笑いかけてた
  • Glorious

    突き抜けてく Spirit 限界なんていらない 壁を越えて 風受けて 走り続けて To the sky この胸の中 Dreaming 決して枯らさないように 終わりはない 果てしない 誰も知らない明日へ 攻めて行こうぜ
  • Give Me Love

    Give Me Love Give Me Love どこまでもゆく果てないこの空の下 Give Me Love Give Me Love 大事な人がどこかで君を待ってる ずっと叫んでた僕の思い届くまでもう迷わないから
  • Dreams Come True

    Yume mimashou, suteki na koto Yume mimashou, itsumademo Yume mimashou, yume no you na Yume wo mimashou Doko e kimi wa mukatte iku no Tooi mi