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HoneyWorks (Haniwa) is a creator unit with more than 200 million total views of related videos that are active on video posting sites such as Nico Nico Videos and Youtube.


  • Gom(ゴム/コンポーザー)
  • shito(シト/コンポーザー)
  • Yamako ヤマコ(イラストレーター)

Support members

  • Oji(オジ/ギタリスト)
  • モゲラッタ(イラストレーター)
  • ろこる(イラストレーター)
  • ziro(ジロ/映像制作)
  • cake(ケイキ/キーボーディスト)
  • AtsuyuK!(ドラム)

Gom (ゴム)

Gom is one of the composers of HoneyWorks and has been an active member of Niconico since March 2007, but didn't debut as a VOCALOID producer until the song "Good-Morning!".

shito (シト)

shito is one of the composers of HoneyWorks and he also contributes by playing the bass. He's responsible for the composition of most musics in the Confession Executive Committee Love Series, while Gom usually helps him with the lyrics.

Yamako (ヤマコ)

Yamako is the group's main illustrator. She also works with producers outside of HoneyWorks at times.