Whee In (Mamamoo)

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Stage name: Whee In (휘인)
Real name: Jung Whee-In (정휘인)
Birthday: 1995.04.17, Jinju
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Position: Lead Vocal, Main Dancer

Has known Hwa Sa since middle school
– Nicknamed “Jindo Dog” because of her resemblance to one
– Has a huge crush on Beenzino
– Likes watching mokbang shows (eating shows)
– Featured Vocalist in Phantom’s “Under Age’s Song”
– Wheein’s ideal type: “I like Beenzino sunbaenim…but I mean he’s basically the ideal type for all girls in their 20s… so I didn’t want to say it, because it kind of hurts my pride! But yea, he’s my ideal type”.
– Self-proclaimed “Snack Queen”
– Likes to draw<
– She shares a room with Moon Byul