J Rabbit

Profile/ Information

J Rabbit (제이레빗) is an indies Korean acoustic pop female duo that debuted in 2010 under friendz.net.


  • Jung Hye Sun (정혜선) (Vocals)
  • JJung Da Woon (정다운) (Instruments)

TV Show Theme Songs

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun - Jealousy Incarnate OST (2016)
Wonderful World - Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST (2015)
Don't Know Why - Valid Love OST (2015)
Is it Love? - Discovery of Love OST (2014)
Snooze (I Will Be Your Love) - Monstar OST (2013)
Talkin' Bout Love - Flower Boys Next Door OST (2013)
Greeting - Operation Proposal OST (2012)
If You Love Me - Operation Proposal OST (2012)