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JeA (Kim Hyo-jin) is a Korean Pop singer. She is best known as the leader of South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls. As a solo artist, she has contributed numerous songs to various soundtracks.

Stage Name: JeA (제아)
Real Name: Kim Hyo Jin (김효진)
Birthdate: September 18, 1981 (age 35)
Birthplace: Seul, South Korea
Height: 159cm
Weight: 46kg
Bloodtype: O
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Piano, Watching Movies
Favorite Artists: Eric Benét
Boyfriend Choi Pil Kang (YG's Productor).


  • [2013.01.04] Just JeA


  • [2010.02.24] Chuno OST Part.2 (추노)
  • [2011.12.19] Padam Padam OST Part.2 (빠담빠담)
  • [2012.02.27] History of the Salaryman OST Part.4 (샐러리맨 초한지)
  • [2012.12.28] Anaboja feat. Jung Yup (안아보자; Let's Hug)


JeA (제아) albums, songs

  • Days & Nights

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Jigeumjjeum jamdeureo neon isseulkka Dareun haneul arae uri Geu golmok geu barami geuriwo Naranhaetdeon uri geurimja And i can’t help that i’m in love ... [read more ...]
  • Silent Stalker

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Ni moseup boyeo yeah i’m feeling love tonight Miso neoui useum naege boyeojuji anteon geu pyojeong Jogeum jeon nungil wae nal mot bon cheok haenni Bukkeureowonna ... [read more ...]
  • Stray Cat

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Bami omyeon nan gireul naseoji Amudo soyuhal su eomneun naneun meotjyeo Buri kyeojin changmun teum sairo Bureowo nal boneun neowa geugeol boneun nan dareuji Amudo ... [read more ...]
  • Let’s Hug

    [lyrics ]
    Romanized Anaboja Huimihan eolgul da meoreojin yaegi Naegeneun pyojeongi doen geot gateun yetnal yaegi Geuraetdeon yaegi son nohatdeon uri Dasi yeogi jigeum uri Seororeul ... [read more ...]
  • Hello, Thank You

    [lyrics + video]
    (Feat. Tim) Romanized Seulpeun eolgureul haji anhado Saranghalge neol akkyeojulge Nan eodil gaji anha Silsureul haedo tujeongburyeodo Saranghalge neol barabolge Geokjeonghal ... [read more ...]
  • While You’re Sleeping

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Geu saehayan eolgul Geu jogeuman ipsul Nae geudaega saranghaneun saram Miwohamyeon haengyeo Geudaega nal meollihalkka Nado geunyeoreul bomyeon utjyo Saranghae Geu ... [read more ...]
  • Paradise

    [lyrics + video]
    A busy Monday, a difficult Tuesday Every day is the same, I think I’m exhausted Everyone goodbye, tomorrow’s work will come tomorrow, bye bye I want to throw ... [read more ...]
  • While You Are Asleep (그대가 잠든 사이)

    [lyrics + video]
    That white face Those small lips My dear, she’s the one that you love In case we grow apart if I hate her When I see her, I smile as well I love you It seems ... [read more ...]
  • Hello, Thank You (반가워, 고마워)

    [lyrics + video]
    Even if you don’t put on a sad face I’ll love you, I’ll care for you I won’t go anywhere Even if you make mistakes, even if you whine I’ll love you, I’ll ... [read more ...]
  • Secret Note (비밀노트) When A Man Loves OST

    [lyrics + video]
    Because your sad eyes resemble mine Although I wanted to hug you… Because your pained heart resembles mine Although I want to love you… I write it out alone I ... [read more ...]
  • JeA - Because of You (너 때문에)

    [lyrics + video]
    * Because of you, I cry and laugh and get sadBecause of my one and only love, because of that loveThough I try to erase you, though I try to hide itMy heart is only ... [read more ...]
  • Let’s Hug (안아보자)

    [lyrics + video]
    Let’s hug Vague faces, stories that grew far Old stories that feel like facial expressions to me *Those stories, us, who let go of our hands Us, now here again Us, ... [read more ...]
  • Be My Girl

    [lyrics + video]
    Your eyes that look at me makes me lose my breath Your dazzling beauty makes me lose my breath You don’t need to avoid me or stop I already figured you out You ... [read more ...]
  • Just For One Day (하루만이라도)

    [lyrics + video]
    Tick tock tick tock, time keeps ticking But my heart that used to love has stopped It’s too late to tell you to come back So I’m trapped in my memories of you I ... [read more ...]
  • Flower

    [lyrics + video]
    When you said you missed me, when you said you loved me I felt nothing, you seemed strange (my love is gone) I have nothing more to say, there’s no where left ... [read more ...]
  • Fool For You (그대 바보)

    [lyrics + video]
    I don’t love you, I don’t miss youLies that my mind tells without the heart knowingLet’s not go, even if I shake my head hundreds of timesWithout realizing, ... [read more ...]
  • ZoPD (조PD), JeA (제아) – 원해 - Sweet Stranger And Me OST Part 3

    [lyrics + video]
    말해 (왜 에에) 말해 (왜 에에) 어-떤 남잔지 궁금해 (왜 에에) 원해 (왜 에에) 원해 (왜 에에) 자꾸자꾸 눈이 가네 (예 예 예) ... [read more ...]
  • Winter, It’s You (겨울 너야)

    [lyrics + video]
    차가워진 공기가 내 몸을 감싸고 흩어지는 입김에 겨울을 느껴 아득해진 기억 눈처럼 내려 소리도 없이 조용하게 난 눈을 감아 ... [read more ...]
  • You o’clock

    [lyrics + video]
    흔들려 바람이 불어 흔들려 나뭇잎이 흔들려 결국엔 내 마음이 ... [read more ...]