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Junho (준호) is a Korean Pop singer. He is a member of the group 2PM. In 2013, he debuted solo in Japan with the release of the mini-album Kimi no Koe.

Stage Name: Junho (준호, ジュノ)
Birth Name: Lee Jun Ho (이준호)
Date of Birth: January 25, 1990 (age 26)
Place of Birth: Ilsan, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Education: Ho Won University - Program Acting Major
Religion: Christianity
Instagram: @dlwnsgj
Twitter: @dlwnsghek
-He was born Ilsan, South Korea
-He loves animals and cats are his favorite

Junho (2PM) songs

  • My Way To You (너에게 가는 길) 7th Level Civil Servant OST

    * I love you forever, although I can’t say anything on my way to you I’ll be your strength, I’ll protect you, I love you When you’re tired and struggling,
  • Can’t Let You Go

    Everything was in place even though we broke up Nothing changed, it’s just your empty spot My days alone didn’t feel sad for some reason But something didn’t
  • FEEL

    I can’t believe it When Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun were all passing like water flowing My eyes stopped at you and then time stopped Your dazzling image has

    I waited all day Looking at my phone that isn’t ringing Because of my selfish jealousy, oh no You hid your frustrated feelings and got mad I have nothing to say,
  • Dangerous

    When I first saw you, you were just a normal kid I didn’t think any more or any less than that But the look you gave me, the passing by touch It strangely felt
  • Just A Feeling

    I can see your life I can see your world You’ve been waiting for a while Even if you couldn’t see me, you’ve been looking for me I can feel you, even if I
  • I’m In Love

    I didn’t know how my days went by in the past The feeling I get after meeting you is this heart fluttering that awakes me When I spend time with you, losing my
  • My Way To You

    Romanized Yeongwonhi neoreul saranghae neoui gyeoteuro ganeun gil amu mal motaedo Himi doeeojulkke naega jikyeojulkke nan neol saranghae Jichigo manhi himdeul ttaen