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Junho (준호) is a Korean Pop singer. He is a member of the group 2PM. In 2013, he debuted solo in Japan with the release of the mini-album Kimi no Koe.

Stage Name: Junho (준호, ジュノ)
Birth Name: Lee Jun Ho (이준호)
Date of Birth: January 25, 1990 (age 26)
Place of Birth: Ilsan, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Education: Ho Won University - Program Acting Major
Religion: Christianity
Instagram: @dlwnsgj
Twitter: @dlwnsghek
-He was born Ilsan, South Korea
-He loves animals and cats are his favorite

Junho (2PM) albums, songs

  • My Way To You

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Yeongwonhi neoreul saranghae neoui gyeoteuro ganeun gil amu mal motaedo Himi doeeojulkke naega jikyeojulkke nan neol saranghae Jichigo manhi himdeul ttaen ... [read more ...]
  • I’m In Love

    [lyrics + video]
    I didn’t know how my days went by in the past The feeling I get after meeting you is this heart fluttering that awakes me When I spend time with you, losing my ... [read more ...]
  • Just A Feeling

    [lyrics + video]
    I can see your life I can see your world You’ve been waiting for a while Even if you couldn’t see me, you’ve been looking for me I can feel you, even if I ... [read more ...]
  • Dangerous

    [lyrics + video]
    When I first saw you, you were just a normal kid I didn’t think any more or any less than that But the look you gave me, the passing by touch It strangely felt ... [read more ...]

    [lyrics + video]
    I waited all day Looking at my phone that isn’t ringing Because of my selfish jealousy, oh no You hid your frustrated feelings and got mad I have nothing to say, ... [read more ...]
  • FEEL

    [lyrics + video]
    I can’t believe it When Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun were all passing like water flowing My eyes stopped at you and then time stopped Your dazzling image has ... [read more ...]
  • Can’t Let You Go

    [lyrics + video]
    Everything was in place even though we broke up Nothing changed, it’s just your empty spot My days alone didn’t feel sad for some reason But something didn’t ... [read more ...]
  • My Way To You (너에게 가는 길) 7th Level Civil Servant OST

    [lyrics + video]
    * I love you forever, although I can’t say anything on my way to you I’ll be your strength, I’ll protect you, I love you When you’re tired and struggling, ... [read more ...]