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K.Will (Kim Hyung-soo) is a South Korean singer.

Native name: 김형수 / Kim Hyung-soo
Born: December 30, 1981, in Gwangju, South Korea
Other names: K.Will
Occupation: Singer
Genres: R&B soul ballad
Instruments: Vocals Piano beatboxing rapping
Years active: 2007–present
Labels : Big Hit Entertainment (2006-2007) Starship Entertainment (2008- present)
Associated acts: Starship Planet

Bloog type: O


2007: "Left Heart"
2008: "Love 119"
2009: "Dropping The Tears", "1 Drop Per Second", "Miss, Miss, And Miss"
2011: "My Heart Beating"
2012: "I Need You", "Please Don't"
2013: "Love Blossom", "You Don't Know Love"
2014: "Day 1"
2015: "Growing"

K.Will songs

  • 그게 뭐라고 ft.Mad Clown (매드클라운)

    하늘을 보고 누군가 그리워지면 가을이 온 거고 그즈음 매년 손님이 와 마치 똑똑 누군가 두드리는데
  • K.Will (케이윌) – Say It. What Are You Doing? (말해! 뭐해?)

    아무 말 없이 내게서 커져만 가는 게 아무래도 이대론 안 되겠어 어쩌다 내가 이렇게
  • A Slip of the Tongue (말실수)

    I never loved you too, can I leave first? Like a fool, with a slip of the tongue, I said these words that I don’t even mean At least get mad, say this isn’t
  • Regrets (그때 만약)

    I’m laugh while watching TV Walk without a destination Get angry for no reason I regretted endlessly I couldn’t forget you in the end Throwing fits, laughing
  • Our Song (그 남자 작곡)

    With an empty feeling, I walk on the street And without knowing, a song comes to mind Sadder than the singers singing in the TV with a sad face Sadder, more in pain,
  • Butterfly

    Without a word, you sit on top of my heart Without permission, you come inside of me I wasn’t ready at all but you made a flower bloom in me With those pretty
  • Love Love Love (사귀어볼래요)

    When the phone rings My heart drops All day, I can’t do anything I’ve fallen deeply into thoughts of you I swear, believe me I only learned about dating through
  • Fade Out (신호등 앞에서)

    Your cold eyes Your tearful words Make me predict a break up so I tense up For a moment, I can’t say anything In front of the almost changing traffic light, your
  • Sweet Girl

    One two – I pray for you – oh yeah One two – I pray for you – oh yeah Every night, I can’t close my eyes Your black hair, your thick lips I keep thinking
  • Bluffing

    Why can’t you say it? It’s so frustrating I think I know so just say it This cold air that surrounds you and me I think it’s been about a month since it’s
  • Bubble (Narration by SISTAR’s Bora)

    I lay down facing the wall, hide in my blankets, pinch my cheeks but it’s still clear Are you sleeping right now? Are you thinking of me too? I talk to myself,
  • Memories Ringing (추억이 울려)

    Drip, drip, my hidden memories slip and fall from my eyes and hit the back of my hands Softly, I close my eyes but the memories grow clear, your name, your face I
  • I’m Good (편해졌어)

    Forget, let’s forget Let go, let’s let go I’ll erase, I’ll erase you Because I’ve been doing fine without you It was good you left me It was good you left
  • Back In Time (시간은 거꾸로 흐른다)

    Time goes past the seasons Into a few years ahead but it’s still that day Tomorrow comes but I live yesterday Because time keeps going backwards When I close my
  • First Love End (첫 사랑은 죽었다)

    My first love has died, buried in my heart It burned up my heart and became ash Heart fluttering feelings have died, the spring days of my life has ended Since
  • Hide And Seek (술래잡기)

    I close my eyes I let you go When I count to ten and open my eyes Will I see you? I close my eyes again I open my eyes, she’s getting farther She’s fading away
  • So Pretty (넌 너무 예뻐)

    Your thin hands that cover your smile Love has started What do I do now? Your small hand that brushes back your hair My heart pounds What do I do now? Why is my
  • You Don’t Know Love (촌스럽게 왜 이래)

    You said that I changed, that I don’t mean what I say, that my love has cooled but that’s not it I’m just tired, will you let me go just for today? Why are
  • Fall in Fall

    Fall in love song fall in love song You are dazzling as you shine And be my heart fall in love song fall in love song I want to walk with you, just feel the way
  • You're So Beautiful

    I see your right hand softly placed in my left hand I guess it’s not a dream – it seems like we’re the only ones in the world The dizzy background is disappearing
  • Love Blossom

    The taste of the wind in my mouth is sweet this morning I like the sunshine that touches my white bed sheets I hear the heart fluttering sound of the phone ringing
  • Growing (꽃이 핀다)

    The flowers fly in the wind, the sun sets later Now even when I walk all night on this street My hands don’t get cold Your heavy name flies up in the wind And
  • I Need You (니가 필요해)

    When I heard your greeting asking how I was doingMy heart that I held back became hot againAnd I asked myself for a long time if this was really the you that I’ve
  • Last Digit (끝번호)

    I pretended that it wasn’t important Telling people that I broke up with you I pretended that I was over you Then I really forgot you Everything about you is no
  • Away (우린 너무 멀리 있다)

    Have I been forgotten? Am I erased from you now? Expressionless days Yesterday was no different Am I longing for you? Are you just someone I long for now? I miss
  • A Bright Day (화창한 날에)

    When the heaven-like sunlight shines in When the sky-like wind blows Everyone is busy falling in love So I hate that I have nothing going on There’s no one to
  • We Never Go Alone (지금처럼)

    The day I first met you, I just smiled and said hello But I might have wanted you to be Someone I just stayed with for a bit and passed by I couldn’t trust anyone
  • Spring Memories (봄날의 기억)

    The heart fluttering spring memory of when we first started to speak informally We couldn’t even look each other in the eye at the nervous start of our love Do
  • It’s Not You (니가 아닌 것 같아)

    When I first saw you, it felt like I was dreaming When I saw you for the second time, I knew it was destiny I fell for you like that and gave my everything I did
  • Day 1 (오늘부터 1일)

    What are you doing today? Are you busy right now? If you’re not, can I see you today? I have something to tell you, it’s not a big deal But I think I like you I’ve
  • Thank U (Warm and Cozy OST)

    My love thank you Only you, thank you Thank you for being you, oh baby I’m always smiling because of you oh yeah I’m so happy You hold me tight when I’m in
  • Love Is Crying (사랑이 운다) The King 2Hearts OST

    If only I took a step faster,If only I took a step slowerThen we could’ve avoided our painful encounterThere’s no use even if I push you out, now I can’t
  • Only Person (하나뿐인 사람) Pinocchio OST

    When I look into your eyes, my trembling heart flutters When I look at you, I feel like the world has stopped Just like how winter passes and spring comes I believe
  • Marry Me

    I’ve been waiting for this moment, feel so right The blue sky is filled with sunshine Everything is perfect I imagine you throwing the bouquet and giving a toast
  • Snow Candy (눈사탕)

    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun – a whole week isn’t even enough I beg you to meet me several times a day Even when I stub my toe on the corner of a wall,
  • Lay Back

    Lay back, I won’t hurt you Lay back, I’ll get back and watch you Say you love me Baby hug me Oh tell me I’m the only one woo * Give me your love as much as
  • Bad Memory (나쁜 기억)

    I didn’t know at first but I realized after you left That my selfishness gave you a hard time But you don’t know, you haven’t seen my true heart, so girl
  • Marry You (We Got Married World Edition OST)

    Close Your Eyes From Now You Have To Hear Me Say Take My Hand You’ll Reach Out To My Heart And Then Feel The Heat I’m Gonna Be Your Shining Star Like Boys II
  • I Hate Myself (내가 싫다)

    I fill up my wallet that you bought for meI make reservations at the restaurant you used to go toIn the seat you used to sit in, is a different personWith whom I
  • Marry Me? (왼손을 잡고)

    I see you every day but why am I so nervous today? I had so many thoughts yesterday that I couldn’t fall asleep I see friends who I haven’t called in a while I
  • Please Don’t (이러지마 제발)

    We sit next to each other in the car but there is no music I always held your left hand but now you’re picking at your lips I know what you’re going to say,
  • Day 1

    Romanized Oneul mwohani neo jigeum bappeuni Byeoril eobseumyeon oneul narang mannajullae Halmari isseo mwo byeol yaegineun aninde Na neoreul johahanabwa Ireon mal
  • Bluffing

    Romanized Wae mareul motae ireoke dapdaphage Nan al geot gateunde ijen geunyang da malhae Neowa nal dulleossan I chagawojin gonggineun Han dareun doen deut hae neon
  • Memories Ringing

    Romanized jureureuk jureureuk du nune sumgyeo non chueogeun mikkeureojyeo sondeungeul ttaerigo seureureuk seureureuk du nuneul gamado gieogeun seonmyeonghaejyeo
  • Butterfly

    Romanized Maldo eobsi nae mam wie olla ta Heorak eobsi nae aneuro wa Amureon junbi andoen naege kkocheul piwotgo geu Yeppeun ipsullo nae mameul masyeosseo Nan ige
  • Bon Voyage

    Romanized Where to go Where to go Where to go Fly away girl, bon voyage Mueongae hollin deut Neoui soneul butjapgo Nan jakkuman neol gwichanke hae Oneul muchaegimhage Hal
  • Peppermint Chocolate

    Romanized Honeyrago bureugin uri Ajigeun mwonga deol igeun ge manheun sai Honeyrago bureugin uri Amado gyeolguk siganmunjein geol oh Sagwija geu yaegi daegi dalkomhan
  • Love Like This

    Romanized Nae nun soge geudaega saneunde wae geudaeman moreunayo Nae nun soge sarangi inneunde wae geudaeman geugeol motbwayo Oneuldo nae nun sogen biga ssodajineunde Wae
  • Tears Perfume

    Romanized Gireul geotgo isseo saramdeul sogeseo Iksukhan hyanggie hoksi nega isseulkka Jamsi sigani meomchun deut aryeonhan gieoge Gamanhi seoseo juwireul dulleo
  • You Don’t Know Love

    Romanized Byeonhaetdaneun mal yeonghoni eopdan ne mal Sarangi sigeotda geugeon aniya Pigonhae geurae ttak oneulman chamajullae wae neoman saenggakhae Gakkeum amu
  • You’re So Beautiful

    Romanized Nae oreunsone geudae oensoni salmyeosi nohyeojyeo inneungeol bomyeo Kkumeun anindeutae sesang hangaunde dulman inneundeutae Eojireoun baegyeongeun sarajyeogago
  • Love Blossom

    Romanized Ibaneseo baram masi dalkomhan achim Saehayan iburwiro danneun haessari joha Seolleneun jeonhwabelsori, geudaeingayo Seoltang han seupun damgin sori hello,
  • You Are Love

    Romanized Barama..Seuchideut jeonhaejwo Naega geunyeo dwie itdago.. Gureuma..Bitmure dama jeonhaejwo Naega geunyeo gyeote itdago.. Sigana..Unmyeongi nuneul garinda
  • Hey You

    Romanized Nae hwansang sogui geudae Where you at girl? Uri cheot mannameun drama Neon mugyeoljeom yeosinieotgo Jigeum nae nunape inneun neon (documentary) hyeonsil
  • Even If U Play

    Romanized I don’t know what’s going on I’m so lost.. Come back to me now Neo tteonan dwi nae moseubirae ajikdo silgami andwae Neo eomneun binjariman nan deo
  • Come To My Crib

    Romanized Rap) Oneul mwo halgeoya Uri eodiseo mannal geoya Ppalli jeonghaejwo aljanha Junbihaneunde sigan geollil geoya Baedo gopajil geoya doroen chado manhajil
  • Lay Back

    Romanized Lay back nan geudael hechiji anhayo Lay back nan dwiro mulleoseo geudael bolgeyo Say you love me baby hug me Oh tell me i’m the only one woo~ Jul su
  • Marry Me

    Romanized Gidaryeowatdeon isungan feel so right Haessal gadeukhan blue sky Modeun ge wanbyeokhae Bukereul deonjigo chukbaereul olligo sangsanghae you’re my wife I
  • Please Don’t

    Romanized Naranhi anjeun jadongcha sogeseon Eumakdo heureuji anha Neul japgo itdeon ni oensoneuro neo Ipsulman tteutgo isseo Niga hal mal ara geu malmaneun mara Don’t
  • Fade Out

    Romanized Chagawojin neoui nunbiche Nunmul seokkin neoui malkkeute Ibyeoreul jikgamhae gudeobeorin nan Sungan amu maldo tteji motae nan Kkeutnaganeun sinhodeung
  • Like A Star

    Romanized Geudae eodi isseodo Mueol hago isseodo Geujeo i nae gaseumeun Geudael neukkil su itjyo Saranghal geot gatatjyo Saranghal su bakke eobtjyo Nae nune Nae