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Kick the Can Crew is a mainstream pop and hip hop group from Tokyo, Japan, consisting of members Kreva, MCU, and Little.

Formed in 1998, the group enjoyed popularity for their top singles "Good Music" and "Sayonara Sayonara". Warner/east west released their albums Vitalizer, Young Kings, a self titled album, Magic Number, and a greatest hits CD.

Kick the Can Crew have made frequent appearances on Japan's music television station, Space Shower TV, since their debut.

Kreva, the main contributor to the band, won Japan's MC Battle three consecutive years, and has gone on to collaborate with several other groups, mainly Japanese ones, such as Hirai Ken.

In 2004 the group disbanded to concentrate on their respective solo careers.[1] Kreva has been the most visible of the band since their break-up, releasing several singles and albums with great success.

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