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Birth Name: Kim Hyun Joong
Stage Name: Hyunjoong
Birthday: June 6, 1986
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, and Face of the Group
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: B
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums
-He was born in Seoul, South Korea
-He is now under KeyEast Entertainment
-In May 2008 he joined the show 'We Got Married' where he was partnered with Hwangbo, member of former girl group Chakra

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) albums, songs

  • U

    [lyrics + video]
    Maybe I fell into a magic spellRIght now, inside of me is my heart that is youI breathe in air that is you Oh – you stole my heart without knowingLike a fool, ... [read more ...]
  • A Girl Is (한 여자가)

    [lyrics + video]
    A person that the guy have been earnestly waiting for Let’s make a love that no one will get hurt ... [read more ...]
  • I’m Yours

    [lyrics + video]
    Your scent that fills the room The spot you sat on is still warm (Without a sound, by my side) you fell asleep (I can’t do anything) you’re so lovable With ... [read more ...]
  • Gentleman

    [lyrics + video]
    Again today, I check it in front of the mirror I make the fit come alive perfectly from my head to my toes I’m always overflowing with charm, everyone falls in ... [read more ...]
  • Unbreakable

    [lyrics + video]
    Yeah I’m unbreakable Here we go Everyone, stop it, it’s my turn now I did all I could, quiet down and listen up Lift up your head, tune your ears From one to ... [read more ...]
  • Like Before (예전처럼)

    [lyrics + video]
    I earnestly knock on your heart (oh baby) Like a house that no one lives in (deep in your mind) Like a dark room, there’s no answer Just because you changed It ... [read more ...]
  • Beauty Beauty

    [lyrics + video]
    (Come on Ye) You’re attractive, I’ll coolly follow you Everything is perfect, everyone is looking at me, envy you I’m bored and restless It’s no fun, it’s ... [read more ...]
  • If You Are Like Me (그대도 나와 같다면) The Wedding Scheme OST (결혼의 꼼수 OST)

    [lyrics + video]
    If you are like meIf you are like meYou probably couldn’t walk and just have tears flowing down If you are like meYou would be looking at my eyesI wish love ... [read more ...]
  • Do You Like That

    [lyrics + video]
    Turn My Mic UpHey, Hey Do You Like ThatYou Gonna Love This Follow me, go goWherever I go, go go Complicated thoughts, frustrated heartForget them all, go go Faster ... [read more ...]
  • Smile (웃어요)

    [lyrics + video]
    Hey, BabyYou Know, You Make Me SmileJust Listen My heart is poundingMy lips are spread with a smileFrom the moment I met you Just Having You By My SideI am smiling ... [read more ...]
  • I Am Your Man (나는 네 남자야)

    [lyrics + video]
    I only think of youAll day, I only think of youWhy don’t you know my heart?I am a fool that only knows youYou say that it’s only temporary, that it’ll passYou ... [read more ...]
  • The Reason I Live (내가 살아있는 건)

    [lyrics + video]
    I blankly stand here, not able to say anything It feels crazy, you are coming to me My heart rushed so much that I laughed for a while like a fool Actually, I have ... [read more ...]
  • Let’s Party

    [lyrics + video]
    Wanna carry you home Oh my god, who are you? Tonight, I will have you Why, why, why did you appear Making me go completely crazy? Gimme gimme gimme oh my love Cutie ... [read more ...]
  • Words I Want To Say (하고싶은 말)

    [lyrics + video]
    How did we get here? Not with laughter but only tears The way we talk is different from before Memories with you have cooled down I couldn’t turn it back (It’s ... [read more ...]
  • Nothing On You

    [lyrics + video]
    Nothing on You Nothing on Me Oh Baby Whenever things were hard Without even knowing You were always with me In order for my thankful heart To be delivered to you ... [read more ...]
  • Lucky Guy

    [lyrics + video]
    Ready, Mic, Check 1,2Let Me Clear My ThroatLet Me Get This Ready, 3,2,1, Let’s Go Hey, I feel good, today is perfectIt seems like it will be bigger (Let’s get ... [read more ...]
  • Marry Me / Marry You

    [lyrics + video]
    I laugh for no reasonI get happy for no reasonIt’s so soft – everything is aromatic Your voice is already like a spell cast on meI thank you – it’s the first ... [read more ...]
  • Break Down

    [lyrics + video]
    Uh, SL Once again, (That’s right)You know what it is, (Uh-huh)Artmatic (Yes)Let’s do this Shawty, Yeah Show me what U got, Yeah Oh If you think you’re gonna ... [read more ...]