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Birth Name: Kim Kyu Jong
Stage Name: Kyujong
Birthday: February 24, 1987
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A
-He was born in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
-He is now under B2M Entertainment

Kim Kyu Jong (SS501) albums, songs

  • Yesterday

    [lyrics + video]
    I can’t believe itMy love You cruelly pretend not to see me and turn awayAdmist the blowing hair, my eyes shake in despairI try to hide it but it brightly shows ... [read more ...]
  • My Love

    [lyrics + video]
    Show me love I like you even to your last footstepI like you from your head to your toeThe preparation is already perfectI am a better man, a better man * The hot ... [read more ...]
  • No More Yes

    [lyrics + video]
    No more sayin yes, No more sayin yes No more sayin yes, No more sayin yes Are you ready to see the end?Just silently listen to meRemember this clearly(uh-oh uh-oh) You ... [read more ...]
  • In Your Days (너의 날들에) S.O.S Please Save Me OST

    [lyrics + video]
    I hoped it wasn’t true but my hatred for you is ending baby I miss your lips that broke up with me I thought my heart for you was over but it breathes As it smiles ... [read more ...]
  • Get Ya’ Luv

    [lyrics + video]
    Even for one minute, one second- I don’t want to let you goBaby you, baby youI don’t want to send you home all nightBaby you, baby youYour puckered lips are ... [read more ...]
  • My Precious Person (소중한 사람)

    [lyrics + video]
    Just by being next to me, you’re a precious person Even though I shed tears sometimes and wet my eyes Even if you’re next to me, you’re a person that I miss A ... [read more ...]
  • Thank You (고마워)

    [lyrics + video]
    Back then, I just liked to sing, I just got excited on stage So I started each day, embracing my nervous fluttering That day, we were so great and you all were ... [read more ...]
  • One Luv (with Tae Wan and Shorry J of Mighty Mouth)

    [lyrics + video]
    Nothing else comes into my eyes When you and I are together All time stops (time stops) Nothing is heard in my ears When I look into your eyes My heartbeat stops ... [read more ...]