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MASC is a 4 member boy group that debuted in August 19, 2016 under JJ Holic Media, formerly famous for their artist Yurisangja, N.CA.


  • Woo Soo (Leader, Main Vocals)
  • ACE (Main Rapper)
  • 26 (Lead Rapper, Main Dancer)
  • Hee Jae (Vocals)


Real Name: Woo Young Soo (우영수)
Stage name: Woosoo (우수)
Date of Birth: 5 September 1989
Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea
Position: Leader, Main Vocal, Dance
Height: 176
Blood Type: B
Star sign: Virgo


Real Name: Kim Dae Sung (김대성)
Stage name: A.C.E (에이스)
Date of Birth: May 11, 1990
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Rap, Vocals, Dance
Height: 176
Star sign: Taurus

26 / Yiryuk

Real Name: Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈)
Stage name: 26 / Yiryuk (이륙)
Date of Birth: February 22, 1990
Place of Birth: South Korea
Position: Rap, Dance
Star sign: Pisces

Jae Hee

Real Name: Yoo Hee Jae (유희재)
Stage name: Jae Hee (희재)
Date of Birth: February 22, 1995
Place of Birth: South Korea
Position: Maknae, Vocal
Height: 170
Star sign: Pisces



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