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miss A (미스에이) is a Korean pop girl group created by JYP Entertainment and under the sub-label AQ Entertainment.


  • Fei (Lead Vocals)
  • Min (Vocals, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer)
  • Suzy (Main Vocals, Visual, Maknae)
  • Jia (Main Rapper, Vocals, Lead Dancer) (Former members)


Stage Name: Fei (페이)
Real Name: Wang Feifei (王霏霏)
Birthdate: April 27, 1987
Birthplace: Haikou, Hainan, China
Height: 164cm (5"5)
Weight: 46kg
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts
Dancing Style: Jazz, Hip hop, Chinese Folk Dance
Favorite Color: Red


Stage Name: Min (민)
Real Name: Lee Min Young (이민영)
Birthdate: June 21, 1991
Height: 158cm (5"2)
Weight: 45kg
Languages: English (Fluent), Chinese


Stage Name: Suzy (수지)
Real Name: Bae Su Ji (배수지)
Birthdate: October 10, 1994
Birthplace: Kwangju, South Korea
Height: 166cm (5"5)
Weight: 47kg
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)
Languages: English (Basic), Mandarin (Basic)


Stage Name: Jia (지아)
Real Name: Meng Jia (孟佳)
Korean Name: Mong Ji A (멍지아)
Nickname: Pole
Birthdate: February 3, 1989
Birth place: Hunan, China
Height: 165cm (5"5)
Weight: 45kg
Education: Beijing Modern Music Institute, Seoul University of Arts
Dancing Styles: Jazz, Hip hop
Favorite Food: Noodles
Favorite Things: Dancing, Family

miss A songs

  • Step Up

    Aren’t you tired of the songs out these days?You start to like it but don’t you get sick of it?Aren’t all the dance moves the same?You start to move your body
  • Love Is U

    All of my memories with you Love is true, love is U That night, we gave each other scars with painful words (and I’m cryin) Because of my foolish pride, I couldn’t
  • Love Again (다시 사랑)

    My heart has suddenly stoppedAt this rate, I’m gonna be in troubleWho are you to make me cry? Crying everyday, not eating everydayIs making me lose weight- my
  • Lips

    You look at me and say something, somethingBut I don’t hear anything in my earsMy eyes keep going to that placeI shouldn’t be like this, I think I’m crazy I
  • Help Me

    I need your help Come save my heart now because it that has fallen for youI need your love Come to me now because I don’t think I can breathe if you don’tHelp
  • (Mama) I’m Good

    Everyone restricts me Look at me, I’m different from others, I’mma be ok Why are things so complicated? Let’s make it simple and we’ll be ok Everyone tells
  • Hide & Sick

    Why are you breaking up with me? When I’m the one who is more appalled What’s the use of pretending that nothing happened? Why are you doing this till the end,
  • One To Ten (하나부터 열까지)

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it, I’m gonna go crazyWhenever I look at you I get so madI can’t take it anymore uh uh Even if everyone talked bad about youI
  • One Summer Night (Temptation OST)

    When you said you couldn’t leave That hurt me even more Just coldly leave me instead So I can’t love you Where the hot wind passes by Will our love be there? The
  • Love Song

    Singing you in a Love song Lo-o-o-o-o-o, Love song Lo-o-o-o-o-o, Love song Lo-o-o-o, Lo-o-o-o, Lo-o-o-o-o-o, Love song You don’t have to say anything Your voice
  • Rock N Rule

    I feel weird todayMy head slightly hurts tooI’m afraid that I might make a mistakeBut it’s my time now, everyone follow meKiss on the cheek that’s how I rule Tonight,
  • Touch

    No one can love my closed heartThat’s what I believed but at some point, my heart is openingMy hardened heart can never get a rush againThat’s what I believed
  • Mr. Johnny

    Who are you Mr. JohnnyHey Mister Johnny JohnnyHey Mister (electric feeling) Even when I said I’ve seen a lot of guys like youYou just laugh- what’s that about?Look
  • Like U

    Thinking of you after being left alone makes me smile again I don’t want to ignore this fluttering feeling I’m falling for you, who resembles me, aren’t you? As
  • Come Over (놀러와)

    Do you wanna come over today? No one is home, uh oh Do you wanna have a talk, just you and me? A little closer We can see the stars all through the night The dreams
  • Turn On That Music DJ (그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ)

    Turn on (DJ) that music (DJ)Turn on (DJ) that music (DJ) Turn on that song that played when we first metThat song that we sang togetherTurn on that song for meBut
  • Spotlight

    Hey boy, you look a bit different today You look good today, I like it Hey there, you might think that you’re not good enough But that’s not true You can try
  • I Don’t Need A Man (남자 없이 잘 살아)

    This is for all the independent ladies Let’s go * I can live well without a man So if you’re not confident, don’t come to me I don’t sell myself easily
  • Why Am I Like This? (왜이럴까) The Time We Were Not In Love OST

    I can’t believe it, what’s wrong with my heart? Why does my heart flutter when I see you? Am I the only one who doesn’t know? Is this love? Why am I like this? What
  • Blankly (멍하니)

    I’m blankly staring at you, already that much farther awayJust because it seems like you will turn aroundIf I cry now, it will really seem like a break upSo I’m
  • Melt (녹아)

    My feelings for you The clearer they get Like anyone at first My nervous heart wouldn’t go away There’s no need to try Be braver Don’t think Because you’re
  • No Mercy

    Since I pretend I don’t know and just get over itYou think you are deceiving meSince I just give in to you normallyYou think that I am nice I can’t take it anymore,I
  • One Step (한걸음)

    It feels strange, my entire body is losing strength Like a popped balloon It’s really strange, no matter how much I argue My heart is filled with you I don’t
  • I Caught Ya

    I don’t wanna hear it so piss off You have no right to be sorry, oh boy You gotta feel good Just go straight on your way Just silently turn around and go oh booy You
  • Break It

    Don’t take this as nagging, I’m seriousI don’t know what to do if you keep doing thisI don’t know if we should continue dating or notIt’s compicated, I’m
  • Only You (다른 남자 말고 너)

    No other guy but you No other guy but you you you You ask if I’m playing around But I’m not playing around What words are needed? Look, my whole body is reacting
  • A -Stuck

    I don’t know Why I’m here Hold my trembling hand Whisper to me That it was always you That this is like a dream Stuck in love so sweet It’s just me and you It’s
  • Good Bye Baby

    Good bye, baby good bye Just turn around and go on your wayDon’t say anything and just disappearBaby good bye, good bye When you kept calling me SuzyWhen my name
  • Over U

    “Don’t love me” – I remember those words from youI wonder why I laughed when I knew you weren’t joking “It’s because I’m a guy” – you give me
  • I Don’t Need A Man

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Min] This is for all the independent ladies Oh oh oh, oh oh oh Let’s go [Suzy] Naneun namja eobsi jal sara Geureoni jasini eobseumyeon Nae
  • Ma Style

    Romanized What’s up, what’s up, everybody on the floor what’s up Ma style, ma style it’s brand new style ma style Mwonga taewobeoril deutan Bultaneun i Friday
  • If I Were A Boy

    Romanized Han beonjjeumeun saenggak na jeonhwa hagetji Gakkeumssigeun naega bogo sipgetji Babo chakgagieosseo geugeol naman mollasseo If I were a boy eoryeopji anketji If
  • Madness

    Romanized Daedapdo eomneun jeonhwagieda ‘Love you, love you’ (Igeon anya) Geotdaga neol darmeun saramman bomyeon ‘love you, love you’ Stop it, Niga gan gieok, Jakku
  • Time’s Up

    Romanized Aswiul geot eobseo ireol sigan eobseo Ijen nan gwaenchanha gwichanhasseo (gwichanhasseo) Soljikhaejyeodo dwae ireol sigan eobseo Jeongmal nan gwaenchanha
  • Hush

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Min] Sumsoriga deullyeo yeah Momi noganaeryeo yeah Gyeondil suga eobseo yeah Chameul suga eobseo yeah [Suzy] Sumi dara olla yeah Jakku
  • Only You

    Romanized Dareun namja malgo neo Dareun namja malgo neoneoneoneo neo Jangnanhae jangnanhae haneunde Naneun jeoldaero jangnani aninde Mwonmari mwonmari piryohae Bwabwa
  • Bad Girl Good Girl

    You don't know me, you don't know meYou don't know me, you don't know meSo shut up boy, so shut up boySo shut up boy, so shut up, shut upAp eseon hanmadido adeoniDwieseon