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never young beach(ネバヤン)


  • 安部勇磨(Vo&Gt)
  • 松島皓(Gt)
  • 阿南智史(Gt
  • 巽啓伍(Ba)
  • 鈴木健人(Dr)

In spring of 2014, we started activities as Abe and Matsushima's house recording unit.
We released a strange indie psychedelic pop "HOUSE MUSICS" that was reproduced from a cassette tape that grew in hot weather with 100 cardboard boxes in a cardboard specification jacket.
It became a hot topic quickly without a live show, sold out only at some stores such as coconut disks and immediately sold out.

In September 2014, Anan, Tatsumi and Suzuki joined, becoming a five-person group of the current system. Initial live performance in September and holding a voluntary project "Fight Club".
In May 2015 the first album "YASHINOKI HOUSE" was released, it became a long seller and will be nominated as "CD Shop Award" for the first half of 2015. Appeared at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '15 at the end of July.
While leaving the DNA of indigenous Japanese songs firmly, let me feel the smell that seems to be able to see the ocean and the mountain overseas somewhere. Then someone said ... "Happy birthday west coast". In January 2016 "YOSHINOKI HOUSE" analog 12 inch board will be released.

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