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Okamoto's (オカモトズ) is a Japanese rock band, they made their major debut in May 26, 2010 and were signed by Ariola Japan Inc.


Shō Okamoto (オカモトショウ Okamoto Shō?) – vocals
Real name Shō Īmura (飯村 翔 Īmura Shō?). Born October 19, 1990 in New York City. Former member of Zutto Zuletellz (ズットズレテルズ Zuttozureteruzu?) and children's performance group Precoci. Son of American jazz saxophonist Scott Hamilton.

Kōki Okamoto (オカモトコウキ Okamoto Kōki?) – guitar
Real name Kōki Hayashi (林 幸希 Hayashi Kōki?). Born November 5, 1990 in Nerima City, Tokyo, Japan.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Okamotokouki

Hama Okamoto (ハマ・オカモト?) – bass
Real name Ikumi Hamada (濵田 郁未 Hamada Ikumi?). Born March 12, 1991 in Tokyo. Former Zutto Zuletellz member. He is the eldest son of Masatoshi Hamada and Natsumi Ogawa.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hama_okamoto

Reiji Okamoto (オカモトレイジ Okamoto Reiji?) – drums
Real name Reiji Miyake (三宅 零治 Miyake Reiji?). Born January 9, 1991 in Futako-Tamagawa, Setagaya, Tokyo. Former Zutto Zuletellz member. He is the eldest son of the Japanese rock band The Privates lead singer Tatsuji Nobuhara (延原達治 Nobuhara Tatsuji?). In his childhood he made child role dramas.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OKAMOTOREIJI


OKAMOTO’S albums


  • Burning Love

    「Please to meet you」that's how devils start the song Said, hi hi hi guess you're bit too smart to have fun like other fools Burning love is an extinct breed, that's why I cut my hair
  • NEKO (Remix) feat.呂布/MUD

    I don’t wanna make my decision 去年と同じDecember 玄関けっとばし、向かうcity いつも通り変わらない日々 neighborのkidsにsay wassup 火を灯すcigar 飲み干すbeer walk around town 抜けるビルとビル 過ぎ去る人を背に軽くchill 寒い空にふかす煙 風の吹くままに just let it be
  • Phantom (By Lipstick)

    The cafe window’s like a movie screen Shows me some strangers falling in love My cup of coffee doesn’t work at all I’m so alone,wanna sleep
  • NEKO

    I don’t wanna make my decision 去年と同じDecember 空っ風に吹き荒れる枯葉 ひとりぼっちに堪える寒さ 小田急バス、スレッスレでカーブ
  • Border Line

    憂鬱なエブリデイ 死ぬまでの間に 退屈を忘れさせてあげよう そんなこともうさ 考えるのやめるんだ とりあえずいいから始めよう