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One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo, Japan, in 2005, consists of Takahiro Moriuchi, Toru Yamashita, Ryota Kohama, and Tomoya Kanki.

Genre: Alternative / Emo / Metal Rock
Year Active: 2005-present
Agency: Amuse
Label: A-Sketch (Aer-born)
Hometown: Tokyo
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Name: Moriuchi Takahiro Moriuchi (also known as Morita Takahiro)
Position: Vocals
Birth Place: Tokyo
Birth Date: April 17th, 1988
Horoscope: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Favorite Place: where you are in good condition and feel like being able to do everything
Least Favorite Place: where you do not feel that well and comfortable
My Boom: to eat more then 3 times a day
The First CD I Bought Was: hide’s “PINK SPIDER”


Name: Toru Yamashita
Position: Guitar & Vocals
Birth Place: Osaka
Birth Date: December 7th, 1988
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Blood Type: 0
Height: 177 cm
Favorite Place: where is a lot of action
Least Favorite Place: where the time doesn’t seem to fly
Hobbies & Special Skills: To make a go of my hobby, mixed with my specialized skilled (refer to making music). To perform on stage and inspire the audience!
My Boom: to style my room
The First CD I Bought Was: Sisqo
Admired Guitarist: RIZE no JESSE


Name: Ryota Kohama
Position: Bass
Birth Place: Osaka
Birth Date: September 4th, 1989
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: B
Height: 174 cm
Favorite Place: the place, where you can thing about everything best
Least Favorite Place: the place which is voiceless
Hobbies & Special Skills: body movement, acrobats
My Boom: comics
The First CD I Bought Was: Folder’s Para-shooter
Admired Bassist: Recchiri no Free


Name: Tomoya Kanki
Position: Drums
Birth Place: Hyogo
Birth Date: June 27th, 1987
Horoscope: Cancer
Blood Type: B
Height: 168 cm
Favorite Place: where you can bring the interest to a boil
Least Favorite Place: where the tension is unbearable
Hobbies & Special Skills: to move head horizontally
My Boom: table tennis & Go
The First CD I Bought Was: GLAY’s Dango san Kyoudai
Admired Drummer: Yamaguchi-san from RADWIMPS

Alex (Former member)

Name: Alexander Onizawa
Position: Guitar
Birth Place: San Francisco
Birth Date: March 19th, 1988
Horoscope: Pisces
Blood Type: B
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Favorite Place: where you can solve things, which you never thought to solve
Least Favorite Place: when there’s something troublesome
Hobbies & Special Skills: to paint, general sports, Basketball, Go
My Boom: to partake in amateur table-tennis tournament together with Ryota and Tomoya
The First CD I Bought Was: Spitz

Tomo (former member)

Name: Koyanagi Yu
Position: Drums
Birth Place: Tokyo
Birth Date: August 29th, 1988
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Height: 187 cm


ONE OK ROCK albums


  • Right by Your Side

    How did you know? There’s a place that you could call home But just addicted to the memory of And no I know what you didn’t know then Right by your side
  • Manhattan Beach

    When I wake up feet touch to the ground Whatever holds me down Just looking for some sturdy sounds So tell me about yourself and never say goodbye The less I know the less I cry
  • Skyfall

    Look at all this shame Not gonna make it alright Just a little insane
  • American Girls

    I’m coming’ straight outta Tokyo On the way to the coast To the head of the culture clash I’m ready to go
  • Bombs Away

    This is the end of you and me And I’m never going back Before my broken soulbegins To fade to black
  • Always Coming Back

    I’m always coming back to you Some nights we fight we scream We don’t know what to do But I guess it’s just the simple things That people they go through
  • One Way Ticket

    Remember that night I had to leave you You said it’s alright And I believed you You know I’m no good No good at goodbyes No good without you Better by your side
  • Lost in Tonight

    Perfect timing It could be the start of anything It’s our dream We’re writing
  • Start Again

    This is where I draw the line Seen this war a million times Looking for a peace of mind Now you hate what we’ve become Say the word…let’s be done There is something in the way
  • Bon Voyage

    It took some time to realize That things are not getting better We should know, we should know It’s over
  • 20/20

    Back then always thought that you had my back You were just there to stab it Hindsights 20/20 should’ve seen it then Maybe I should get glasses
  • Take what you want (featuring 5 Seconds of Summer)

    Take what you want Take what you want and go 過ぎ去った嵐のあとの静けさ たたずんだ となりに君はもういない (Sugisat ta arashi no ato no shizukesa tatazun da tonari ni kimi wa mō i nai)
  • Listen (featuring Avril Lavigne)

    You always call me full of regret You want me to save you again After all these years, the days go by I’ve seen you fall a million times Everybody makes mistakes
  • I Was King

    We said tonight No going back Nothing seems right Stuck in the past
  • We are (Japanese Ver)

    They think that we’re no one We’re nothing. not sorry They push us It’s too late, It’s too late Not going back
  • Taking Off

    Stuck in the same routine Living an empty dream When am I gonna wake up Thought we had it right Now it’s an endless night Where is it gonna take us
  • Bedroom Warfare

    Keep your enemies close Your enemies close Keep your enemies close Your enemies close Keep your enemies close Your enemies close Keep your enemies close Your enemies
  • Be the light

    Just the thought of another day How did we end up this way? What did we do wrong? God... Even though the days go on So far so far away 
  • You've Broken My Heart

    Original / Romaji Lyricsitsu kara darou kimi no koto o suki ni natte kurushiku natte itta no wa tsurai kurai mainichi de mo itsuka no asu o
  • Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

    So now my time is up Your game starts, my heart moving? Past time has no meaning for us, it's not enough! Will we make it better or jus
  • Smiling Down

    Original / Romaji LyricsYou flew away Before I could say Taken away before your time Up into the clouds Koko kara ja mienai mieru hazu mo nai
  • Mighty Long Fall

    Original / Romaji LyricsWhen we met the pain stood still It was usThen suddenly it's where'd you go? The system blew I knewThis side of me 
  • Koukai Yaku ni Tatazu / Regrets don't come to use

    Original / Romaji LyricsTokei no hari wa kyou to iu omori wo nugisutete asu to iu hi wo mukae ni ikou to mijitaku wo hajimetaSore demo mad
  • Never Let This Go

    As I look into your eyes and see you standing there Tell me something You're never gonna let this go Step into your heart but you don't 
  • Deeper Deeper

    Original / Romaji LyricsAnother step up It's takin' takin' takin' takin' long Always digging It's gettin' gettin' gettin' gettin' onWherever you 
  • Liar

    Original / Romaji LyricsWhat do you want from me? Just let me breathe a little What do you want to see? me ni mieru mono? What do you want
  • Yumeyume / Persistence

    Original / Romaji LyricsYour life is automatic Believe a little magic Your future may be tragic For a toxic animaticDon't stay in a lonely p
  • C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.

    Original / Romaji LyricsAikawarazu ano koro ni hanashita Yume wo boku wa oi tsuzukete ru yoMou kotoshi kara isogashiku naru yona? Demo kawarazu
  • The Beginning

    Original / Romaji LyricsJust give me a reason to keep my heart beating Don't worry it's safe right here in my arms As the world falls apart
  • Cry Out

    Original / Romaji LyricsSwitch the light off  welcome to the night what's the problem,  not gonna make it right bite the bullet  then pull th
  • Wherever You Are

    Original / Romaji LyricsI'm telling you I softly whisper Tonight tonight You are my angelaishite'ru yo futari wa hitotsu ni Tonight tonight I just

    Original / Romaji LyricsWhen your shadow remains me like a rose I would think to hold you tight Even your thorn stabs to my skin Won't let 

    More expectations Instead of singing in the blue sky I was like a bird captured in a dungeon cage Spread my confession All of the good and
  • Clock Strikes

    Original / Romaji LyricsWhat waits for you? WhatKanji What waits for you? What’s breaking through? Nothing for good You’re sure it’s true? 永遠なんてないと言い切ってしまったら あまりにも寂しくて切ないでしょ? 誰もが本当は信じたいけど
  • Riot!!

    Original / Romaji LyricsEverybody screaming Everybody moving Let's get it started Gotta make a riot nowIf you feel so empty and feel so tired W
  • Kako wa kyoukasho ni mirai wa shukudai / Past is the textbook and future is the homework

    Original / Romaji LyricsKako wa kyoukasho ni mirai wa shukudai de aruitekou aruitekou Yeah...Hitoribocchi no kurayami kara ooki na hikari e Hibi
  • Nothing Helps

    No nothing helps We won't stop right now We did it on our own Nobody else It's because of you I'm standing here with you Gimme some more G
  • Answer is Near

    Original / Romaji LyricsI think this way  ikutoori mo aru sono toi no kotae wa mou tada...  genri ya riron ni shitagatte michibikidasu  nan