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Passepied(パスピエ)  is a Japanese Pop/Rock group, Passepied was formed in 2009  by a Tokyo University of Art graduate and keyboardist, Narita Haneda. The band gained notoriety with their advanced music theory and technique, musical senses that mashe together all types of pop music from the 70’s to the 00’s, and their music videos and artwork by Oogoda Natsuki, the vocalist.
They made a major label debut on Warner Music Japan in 2012.


  • Narita Haneda  成田ハネダ Keyboard.
  • Oogoda Natsuki 大胡田なつき Vocal.
  • Misawa Masahiro 三澤勝洸 Guitar.
  • Tsuyuzaki Yoshikuni 露崎義邦 / Bass.
  • Yao Takuya やおたくや  / Drum.