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Tae Wan (태완; Also known as C-LUV) is a Korean R&B singer, songwriter and composer currently under D-Business Entertainment. Tae Wan collaborated with Rain on his fourth album Rain's World. His debut album was released on February 22, 2006.

Name: Tae Wan (태완)
Stage Name: C-LUV
Birthday: June 25, 1980
Blood Type: B
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg


Taewan (C-Luv) songs

  • Put Me Down

    Words like bullets Pull the trigger We can’t let this go on forever Sayin’ that our love’s through Don’t tell me that it don’t matter
  • 필요해

    Man in the mirror 상처로 채워진 내가 더 미워 그 기억은 내 목을 조여 Ooh 아무리 씻으려 애를 써도 얼룩은 짙어
  • History

    I can’t sleep, too many thoughts Too many problems suffocating me I came back to the beginning A lonely fight with no one in my life greeting me It keeps going
  • Hang Up (끊어줄래)

    Brand New Music Proudly Presents This Boy From Phantom And He Go By The Name of Hanhae We Also Got C LUV In The House And Of Course You Know Me San E So Ladies And
  • Superstar (Prod by D.O) Unpretty Rap Star OST

    Hello my name K.I.S.U.M It’s musik spelled backwards M.U.S.I.K Hello my name K.I.S.U.M It’s musik spelled backwards M.U.S.I.K All ready, everyone ready? I’m
  • I Want You (원해)

    Hey, I like you Even if I try to make it complicated I like you, ask me anything you want The only answer that won’t change is that I like you This feels awkward I
  • Where Do You Wanna Go (어디 갈래)

    Sometimes, I run out of breath at the repetitive days The weather’s nice so shall we go away together? To Ddookbang, Han River, Pusan, wherever Without a single
  • Good Morning

    Good morning Say hello to the world Yeah Good morning Today is a good day Wake up now Feelin good The cool morning air fills my heart I make two fists as I put in
  • Sleeping In Part 2 (늦잠 Part 2)

    Said I’m sorry – even if I had started to talk about it You wouldn’t have listened Said I’m sorry – even if I was going to tell you You wouldn’t have
  • Jekyll and Hyde

    What happened last night? My fists are scarred and the kitchen is a mess this morning The clock hand points to 7 and I wake up Working busily like a saw Laughing
  • It’s OK

    Yeah, C-Luv is back And I go by the name of VJ The King of Flow What perfume do you use? What brand is it? It’s sweet From behind your neck Give me your hand I’ll
  • History

    Romanized Jam mot deulgo isseo Sumanheun saenggakdeul Nae mogeul joreuneun manheun munjedeul Dasi cheoeumeuro dorawasseo Nae sarm modu bangyeojuji annneun oeroun