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Takaaki Natsushiro formerly known as Yuei (ゆーえい) and P-ch!, is a singer-songwriter and utaite known for his exceptionally powerful, slightly rough but solid voice, and emotional and expressive singing style. Despite this, he is not a "hot-blooded" singer in the usual sense; his voice is usually described as conveying a feeling of "intensity" rather than "fire". He is noted to have a good vocal range as well as a fair amount of technical skill, and is capable of effortlessly holding notes in addition to having a firm grasp of pitch and tone.

Original name: P-ch!
Former name: Yuei (ゆ ー い い)
Current name: Natsushiro Takaaki (代 孝明 孝明)

Japanese:夏代孝明 (Natsushiro Takaaki)
Also known:  as P-ch! (original name)
ゆーえい (Yuei, former name)
natsushiro (with einie)
Gender: Male
Born: February 25, 1992
Years active: 2008-

He is close to the Utaites 4Yen, Ollie, Nigauri and Kapo, whom he has known for a long time (in "real life") as well as Ichinose Hidenori and nqrse. For the latter, he confessed to go karaoke with him and participate in his concerts. Natsushiro is also close to HeavenzP, famous producer.