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TFBOYS (加油男孩) is a teenage Chinese boy band formed by Time Fengjun Entertainment (TFent). The group consists of the leader, Wang Junkai (王俊凯, also known as Karry), and members Wang Yuan (王源, also known as Roy) and Yi Yangqianxi (易烊千玺, also known as Jackson).

Chinese Name: 加油少年
English Name: The Fighting Boys (Widely known as TFBOYS)
Country: China


  • Wang Junkai
  • Roy
  • Jackson

Wang Junkai

Karry Wang Jun Kai 王俊凯
Position- Leader, Vocal, Visual


Roy Wang Yuan 王源
Birthday- 2000.11.8
Position- Main Vocal, Public Relation (Host)


Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi 易烊千玺
Birthday- 2000.11.28
Position- Dancer

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