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Birth Name: Park Sang Hyun
Stage Name: Thunder and Cheondoong
Birthday: October 7, 1990
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Twitter: @shpthunder
-His older sister is 2NE1's Dara
- He is considered the most innocent member in the group
-Although his body is not the best in the group, he is not afraid to show it off

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  • In Time (Feat. GIANTPINK)

    날 기다려주지 않는 시간에 시작도 끝도 없을 것만 같은 공간에 의미 없이 흘러 들어 왔었던 내게
  • Magic Spell

    오늘도 난 하늘 위로 눈을 돌려 오늘 하루 힘들었던 일들 밤하늘에 대고 나는 속삭여봐 내일은 이러지 말아야지 힘내야지 잘해야지
  • Good

    클래식 Enamel shoes Pomade 머리에 Black suit 평소와 다르진 않지만 왠지 오늘은 남다른 Feeling Tonight is special
  • Look At Me (Feat. 베이식)

    Look at me baby Look at me baby Look at me baby Look at me baby Look at me baby Look at me baby
  • Sign (Feat. KOO HA RA (구하라))

    넌 언제나 날 조금씩은 헷갈리게 만들어 그래 난 그게 좋아 어려운 문제일수록 또 나는 끌려
  • Monster

    Remember, wherever we went together, it was good We were lovers, those dazzling and beautiful days I still love you girl (what is wrong) Sometimes, you had no reason,
  • Gone (없어)

    This street is filled with our memories We shared so many stories in this place It looks the same as it does in my memories But the only thing that changed is us You
  • Don’t Go (가지마)

    That day you left me, when you said you hated me so much I pretended nothing was wrong, that breaking up wasn’t painful I was going to leave you with a smile But
  • Run Away

    I Can’t find a place to goNowhereSometimes I wanna hideRun away, ah away, ah noWe’re running out of timeI can’t breathe, I can’t breathe easilyIncluding